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“There’s an opposite to déjà vu. They call it jamais vu. It’s when you meet the same people or visit places, again and again, but each time is the first. Everybody is always a stranger. Nothing is ever familiar.” Chuck Palahniuk


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10 Hostels in Chisinau

If Moldova is on your ”To visit” list and you are looking for some place to stay in Chisinau, the diez team has made a list of 10 hostels you could choose from. Colorful, cozy or more eccentric – there is a whole range of places and prices to ”fit” any taste.

1.Tapok Hostel’Chisinau




# Location: Chișinău. Armenească 27A Street
# Prices:
4 persons bedroom – 9 euro per night;
6 persons bedroom– 8 euro per night;
8 persons bedroom– 7 euro per night.

# Review: „Great hostel to stay. location is good as it’s located in center and just five minutes to the main street. room is clean and warm(it’s important in this season). guy works there was kind and very helpful because he knows what tourists needs. I arrived in the night, of course reception was opend. this is seven star hostel!” Anonymous/Japan/Male/31-40

Great hostel, chilled staff all speaking English. The hostel is located in what I thought was a wealthy part of town so very safe but Chisinau is very safe in general. As it wasn’t the cheapest hostel it didn’t attract the weird old people you usually encounter in other less expensive hostels, so definitely worth the extra .50c – 1€ per night to hang with young traveled people instead” Anonymous/ Australia/Male/18-24

# Site:, Facebook Page.

2. Funky Mamaliga Hostel




# Location: Chișinău, Mihail Kogălniceanu 16 Street
# Prices:
4 persons bedroom– 10 – 11 euro per night;
6 persons bedroom– 9 – 10 euro per night;                                                                                   10 persons bedroom– 7,5 – 9 euro per night.

# Reviews:
It was very beautiful and the staff so friendly and helped me with everything best hostel i have ever seen,,the manager a great women and i enjoyed there and it was nice 🙂 and i think that everyone who wants to travel to chisinau he should have to stay at Funky Hostel.” Anonymous, Iraq, Male, 18-24

A little pricey given the cost of most other things in Moldova. Because of the cold there was a loud hot air fan running at all times, which got annoying after a while. Beer for sale is a plus though.” Sweden, Male, 18-24

# Site:, Facebook Page.

3. Chisinau Chill Hostel





# Location: Chișinău, Lev Tolstoi 52 Street
# Prices:
2 persons bedroom– 25 euro per night;
4 persons bedroom– 9 euro per night;
10 persons bedroom– 7 euro per night.

# Reviews:
Not a bad place. A little bit claustrophobic due to the small rooms but it’s ok. The directions listed for the hostel need to be improved upon a tad, I feel.” Anonymous, Ireland, Male, 31-40

It was a very good experience for me. Place is really new and perfect designed. I stayed on the 2nd floor there is very quite and comfortable. Big balcony and common room are excellent for relax and enjoy Chisinau views and chat to another travelers. The place is located very close to all central places. Guys, next trip I will definitely stay in Chill. Thanks you and see soon.” Anonymous, Georgia, Male, 25-30

# Site:, Facebook Page.

4. Trotter’s Den Hostel




# Location: Chișinău, Ştefan cel Mare 128 Street, ap. 15
# Prices:
4 persons bedroom– 6 – 7 euro per night;
2 persons bedroom– 16 – 18 euro per night.

# Reviews:
Very good yet inexpensive hostel with friendly staff and interesting guests while I was staying there.” Anonymous, Belgium, Male, 25-30

The hostel was alright – I guess, there aren’t any excellent hostels anywhere in Chisinau 😉 The hostel is bascially a converted apartment. This is also its biggest drawback: there is only one shower and one toilet and there is no basin to wash your hands after using the toilet, if the shower is in use. That said, the atmosphere was good and the staff was alright.” Anonymous, Germany, Male, 25-30

# Site:, Facebook Page.

5. Retro Moldova Hostel





# Location: Chișinău, Coșbuc 3 Street, ap. 24.
# Prices:
6 persons bedroom– 9 – 12 euro per night;
4 persons bedroom– 11 – 13 euro per night;
2 persons bedroom– 13 – 15 euro per night.

# Reviews:
A great little place in central Chisinau with friendly and helpful staff. Unfortunately there’s only one bathroom which can cause trouble in the morning when people are showering. It’s very good value for money though.” Australia, Male, 25-30

Excellent hostel experience. The hostel is a huge building, not far from the old town. The dorm rooms are big with high ceilings. There is a big kitchen with gas stove and clean bathrooms. There is a large common room and a garden outside. The staff, especially Ramona, is friendly and helpful. FRee bottled drink every night you stay.” USA, Male, 41+

# Site:, Facebook Page.

6. Backyard Hostel




# Location: Chișinău, Chițcani 14 Street
# Prices:
8 persons bedroom– 7 euro per night;
5 persons bedroom– 9 euro per night;
2 persons bedroom– 22 euro per night.

# Reviews: No reviews

# Site:

7. Hostel Suisse





# Location: Chișinău, Ștefan Cel Mare, 148 Street, ap. 14
# Prices:
8 persons bedroom– 10 euro per night;
4 persons bedroom– 12 – 13 euro per night.

# Reviews: No reviews

# Site:, Facebook Page.

8. Glorious Shack Hostel




# Location: Chișinău, Vlaicu Pârcălab 2 Street, (house nr 6)
# Prices:
4 persons bedroom– 7 euro per night;
bedroom – 15 euro per night;
double room – 20 euro per night.

# Reviews: „The hostel is new, just renovated, comfortable and tasteful. Everything is very clean and tidy. The attentive staff. There are all the necessary amenities, excellent free wi-fi. Great location – just 10 minutes walk from the main street. I advise anyone who wants to stay in the city center for a modest fee.” Anonymous, Ukraine, Female, 31-40

# Site: Facebook Page.

9. Forum Moldova Hostel





# Location: Chișinău, Bucureşti 77-5 Street
# Prices:
10 persons bedroom– 10 euro per night;
8 persons bedroom– 10 euro per night;
5 persons bedroom– 10 euro per night;
4 persons bedroom– 10 euro per night;
2 persons bedroom– 14 euro per night.

# Reviews: No reviews

# Site:

10. EcoArt Hostel





# Location: Chișinău, Putnei 92 Street
# Prices:
46persons bedroom – 8 euro per night.

# Review:
I spent a beautiful weekend in Chisinau, in probably the best hostel I have been so far. Thank you guys for the hospitality! Hope to see you soon” Badea Andrei, România


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Sunday Travel Quote

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you will discover will be wonderful: Yourself.” Alan Alda


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Art and Uniqueness

6Originality and uniqueness can be the right words to describe the pieces of work (aka “art”) made by Irina Braiescu – the creative Director of Bray’s – the brand that you can discover in this interview!

Irina’s enthusiasm and passion come from an inner dream, as she retold us: “I always wanted to manage my own beautiful business, not to work but to Create and my dream came true. In april 2014 I launched my first line of candle holders, and I sold them all. It was a sign that our Moldavian customers are waiting for new ideas and new solutions for the interiors of their homes.”

When you see the name “Bray’s”, the first thing that should come to your mind is that Bray’s is an local brand which brings beauty in each house and it is 100% eco, made from Moldavian wood.

8The brand appeared in 2014, when I decided to sell my first creation, the first candle holder. Each object I create has its personality, because it is manufactured, is always different, and it brings beauty in the mind.

Although there are lots of manufactures that make decorative objects, Bray’s creations are unique, because are made in an European Style , vintage and shabby chic; very popular styles at the moment.

Bray’s clients are people who care how their house looks alike, and people who pay great attention to the details.4

The strangest object that I was asked to create was wooden book.

The most creative season is winter, before Christmas.

At Bray’s you can find the perfect present for anyone.

Bray’s can transform your home from a simple house to a very elegant and stylish residence.

For the future, I plan to launch the Bray’s Shop where everyone can buy an extraordinary object which will change the home’s interior and will be transmitted from generation to generation.


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Sunday Travel Quote

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls. – Anais Nin
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The number two “off the beaten path” destination

We are glad that Moldova becomes more popular not only amongst international newspapers and web-pages, but also tourists. Enjoy a new article signed by James Brewer.
And don’t forget that whenever you decide to visit our small but beautiful country, Trip Moldova is ready to give you hand!
Chateau Purcari Winery, Moldova.“London lends tourism impulse for ‘off the beaten track’ Moldova, rich in culture and viticulture, By James Brewer

A geographically small country, Moldova packs a lot into its 33,800 sq km of fertile, hilly landscapes – and into its spacious capital, one of the biggest cities in southeast Europe – for the tourist to experience and enjoy.

It has been largely overlooked as a holiday destination, but that is changing. Specialist tour operators including Cultural Romtour, TatraBis, Solei and Amadeus, took advantage of the World Travel Market in London in November 2014 to reinforce their tempting offers and itineraries.

The country, bordered by Romania and Ukraine, was voted by readers of the Lonely Planet guidebooks in 2013 the number two “off the beaten path” destination in the world (the number one being far-away Bhutan, the Asian mountain kingdom with peaks of up to 7,000 m above sea level).

That endorsement of Moldova’s modestly-exploited promise “proves that even the most jaded continents have hidden gems,” said Jack Delf, an enthusiast for the country who is a tourism development consultant at Black Mountain, a holiday company based in Montenegro. “Here is one gem in Europe that still needs to be discovered,” he told a press conference during the World Travel Market.

Harvest time at Casa din Lunca Guest House, Moldova.“What is so appealing is its still undiscovered nature. Moldova is a destination about which you will be increasingly hearing,” he maintained.

Mr Delf said that during 2013, Moldova saw only 13,150 travellers booking through tour operators, although the border was crossed by some 2m people, many from neighbouring countries including Ukraine, Romania and Germany. Some 30,000 people in 2013 could be categorised as independent travellers to the republic, and there is a genuine warm welcome for foreigners, asserted Mr Delf.

Roughly the size of Denmark, but with a population of just 3.5m, Moldova was until 25 years ago part of the USSR, and has been torn between facing east or west. Its leaders in the capital, Chisinau, signed an association agreement with the European Union, to the dismay of Russia, which suspended its intake of wine from its former ally.

Even more critically, upon the break-up of the Soviet Union, the Russian majority on the eastern side of the River Dniester rebelled against control from Chisinau.  After a short and nasty war, the border was frozen, and visitors to autonomous Transnistria, which is recognised as a separate entity only by the Russian Federation and South Ossetia, need a visa to stay overnight. Transnistria has the second biggest city of Moldova, with its Soviet reminders such as a statue of Lenin. Stepping into the breakaway region is like going back to the USSR, people in the tourist business say. “We found the bright sun version of the old Soviet Union” commented one US writer.

Dance to celebrate harvest.To the south, the country extends 25km short of the Black Sea, to which there is access via the Nistru and Danube rivers. Twenty years ago, the Moldovan parliament conferred autonomous status on the southwestern region known as Găgăuzia which has as an official language related to the Turkic group.

High on the list of tourism attractions are the vineyards. People living in the country now known as Moldova have been making wine for 2,000 years – they used to top up the cellars of the Roman Empire. The country has become one of the world’s top 10 wine producers, and an American expert wrote recently: “The wine situation in Moldova is going to be huge in certain circles.”

Official statistics count 142 wineries, of which 23 welcome tourists to hear about the production process, and taste wine from international varietals, and Moldovan and Romanian grapes. There are four separate grape-growing regions, and investors have sunk a lot of money into the business.

Moldovan lady in beautiful embroidered blouse.Cultural Romtour, a leading tour operator, emphasises that the Romanian region of Moldova and the Republic of Moldova “are linked through their famous and good wines.”

Highlight of the Moldovan viticulture year is the wine festival in the first weekend of October, featuring much lively, popular music and dance, with some of the most intense action in the central square of Chisinau attracting thousands of visitors to meet representatives of 100 wineries.

Cellars are spectacular: they are so vast it is possible to get lost within them. Fortunately, guides are on hand to lead the way.

South of Chisinau is Milestii Mici, an underground city 80 m deep, with 200 km of ‘streets’ said to constitute the largest network of caves dug by man. Its collection of 2m bottles earned it a place in the Guinness Book of Records in 2006.

Rural life.Cars and a tourist train trundle through the 120 km of galleries housing 30m litres of wine at Cricova, the second largest underground gallery network, north of Chisinau. In all, Cricova has 70 subterranean lanes. Travel agency TatraBis cites a story that during in 1966, Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin lost his way during his visit there and spent the night in the tasting room, which was later named after him.

As to Purcari winery, in the southeast of the country, Cultural Romtour recounts that its produce was presented at the tables of such figures as the Russian Emperor Nicholas II, and Queen Victoria and King George V of Great Britain.

Much else goes on in the countryside besides grape-growing, for 65% of people have a smallholding, Part of the country was nicknamed the Kremlin garden because Stalin had the best products flown to his kitchen. Rural life has not yet been spoiled by tourism, according to Mr Delf, with a great deal of travel in such areas still horse-drawn.

The history of the country – part of ancient Bessarabia – is etched into its churches and monasteries. Capriana, 40km from Chisinau in a picturesque forest area, is the oldest monastery. It was founded in the reign of Alexandru cel Bun (1399-1432), and reconstructed by Stefan cel Mare around 1470. The latter, in English Stephen the Great, used the wealth of Moldova to restore the Zograf monastery of Mount Athos, Greece, in gratitude for its defence of the Orthodox faith. Much later, in 1698, Antioh Cantemir II of Moldova ceded Capriana to the ownership of Zograf. Capriana was one of the first monasteries reopened in 1989 and became a symbol of national rebirth.

Orheiul Vechi, a natural amphitheatreThe government of Moldova in 2014 nominated for the Unesco world heritage list the panoramic valley landscape – beneath the Niestru and Prut rivers – of Orheiul Vechi, centred on a 40,000 year-old natural amphitheatre, and where a medieval town was built on the remains of a Tatar-Mongol fortified settlement, later to be abandoned. Imported Greek Pontic amphorae dating from around 300BC have been found there. Some 200 caves carved into the limestone and used by monks date from the 15th century AD onwards.

Among other memorable monasteries is Tipova Monastery, for at a waterfall nearby, the poet and musician Orpheus of Greek mythology is said to be buried – although more usually it is claimed that he would have been buried in Pieria, Greece.

Chisinau.Chisinau, which has 800,000 inhabitants, is built on seven hills – just like Athens, Rome, Constantinople and Lisbon. Its many buildings of limestone have earned it the name of the white city, but it could equally be called the green city, for plentiful parks made it one of the leafiest capitals in Europe. The main monuments and administration are on and close to the main boulevard, which is named after Stephen the Great. The city’s central location makes it a capital base for day trips to most of the other attractions of compact but considerably varied Moldova.”


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Sunday Travel Quote

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” – Jack Kerouac


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Scutecele Domnului

This dessert reminds of childhood and the winter holidays. It is usually eaten at Christmas Eve, but there is no rule prohibiting cooking it any other day! 🙂


500 g flour
a pinch of salt
125-150 ml water
honey/sugar – the quantity is upon each one’s preference
400 g chopped walnuts
vanilla essence
rum essence
the zest of one orange
the zest of one lemon


Prepare an unleavened dough by mixing the flour, a pinch of salt and the water. Break pieces of dough and stretch them with the rolling pin in a rectangular or round form, on the table (on which you have sprinkled flour). The sheets of dough have to be very thin.

Then bake them on the hob or in a Teflon pan on both sides. Leave them to dry for at least 24 hours.

Now it is the time to prepare a warm syrup made of 500 ml water, 3 spoons of honey, sugar, essences and the orange and lemon zest.

Soak each sheet for 1-2 minutes in the syrup. Sprinkle chopped nuts on a plate then put the moist cake onto it. Then sprinkle again nuts and sugar, another moist cake and so on until all the “raw material” is gone.

Finally, cover everything with nuts and sugar, pour another 4 ladles of syrup (to moist the dessert very well) and then put a wooden cutting board on it. Some hours later pour other 2-3 ladles of syrup. Cover the “cake” with food foil and leave it to rest for 24 hours.

Cut it into square pieces and…enjoy your meal!

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Maia Sandu’s War on Judges

This post illustrates the changes that the educational system faces nowadays, thanks to the minister Maia Sandu. It looks like a great challenge – a challenge she is not afraid of!

Moldovan Politics

Arguable the best minister in the outgoing cabinet and probably the best minister of education Moldova has ever had, Maia Sandu, for the last two and a half years, has been relentlessly pushing for the long overdue reform of the education system.  An economist by training, she employs a systemic and rational approach in trying to raise the quality of education in a cost-effective way. This is where the much criticized optimization process (shut down of small schools) came into play. Yet, even the opposition realized, but failed to acknowledge, that quality education was impossible to achieve in settings where, due to budget constraints, the same teacher offers math, history and physical education classes. Apart from the recently adopted new Education Code, Maia Sandu’s signature policy has been the enforcement of strict anti-cheating rules during high school graduation exams, which made her public enemy number one among teenagers and in many cases, sadly…

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Sunday Travel Quote

                                  “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.– Oscar Wilde
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