10 Hostels in Chisinau

If Moldova is on your ”To visit” list and you are looking for some place to stay in Chisinau, the diez team has made a list of 10 hostels you could choose from. Colorful, cozy or more eccentric – there is a whole range of places and prices to ”fit” any taste.

1.Tapok Hostel’Chisinau




# Location: Chișinău. Armenească 27A Street
# Prices:
4 persons bedroom – 9 euro per night;
6 persons bedroom– 8 euro per night;
8 persons bedroom– 7 euro per night.

# Review: „Great hostel to stay. location is good as it’s located in center and just five minutes to the main street. room is clean and warm(it’s important in this season). guy works there was kind and very helpful because he knows what tourists needs. I arrived in the night, of course reception was opend. this is seven star hostel!” Anonymous/Japan/Male/31-40

Great hostel, chilled staff all speaking English. The hostel is located in what I thought was a wealthy part of town so very safe but Chisinau is very safe in general. As it wasn’t the cheapest hostel it didn’t attract the weird old people you usually encounter in other less expensive hostels, so definitely worth the extra .50c – 1€ per night to hang with young traveled people instead” Anonymous/ Australia/Male/18-24

# Site: www.tapokhostel.com, Facebook Page.

2. Funky Mamaliga Hostel




# Location: Chișinău, Mihail Kogălniceanu 16 Street
# Prices:
4 persons bedroom– 10 – 11 euro per night;
6 persons bedroom– 9 – 10 euro per night;                                                                                   10 persons bedroom– 7,5 – 9 euro per night.

# Reviews:
It was very beautiful and the staff so friendly and helped me with everything best hostel i have ever seen,,the manager a great women and i enjoyed there and it was nice 🙂 and i think that everyone who wants to travel to chisinau he should have to stay at Funky Hostel.” Anonymous, Iraq, Male, 18-24

A little pricey given the cost of most other things in Moldova. Because of the cold there was a loud hot air fan running at all times, which got annoying after a while. Beer for sale is a plus though.” Sweden, Male, 18-24

# Site: www.funkymamaligahostel.com, Facebook Page.

3. Chisinau Chill Hostel





# Location: Chișinău, Lev Tolstoi 52 Street
# Prices:
2 persons bedroom– 25 euro per night;
4 persons bedroom– 9 euro per night;
10 persons bedroom– 7 euro per night.

# Reviews:
Not a bad place. A little bit claustrophobic due to the small rooms but it’s ok. The directions listed for the hostel need to be improved upon a tad, I feel.” Anonymous, Ireland, Male, 31-40

It was a very good experience for me. Place is really new and perfect designed. I stayed on the 2nd floor there is very quite and comfortable. Big balcony and common room are excellent for relax and enjoy Chisinau views and chat to another travelers. The place is located very close to all central places. Guys, next trip I will definitely stay in Chill. Thanks you and see soon.” Anonymous, Georgia, Male, 25-30

# Site: www.chisinauchillhostel.com, Facebook Page.

4. Trotter’s Den Hostel




# Location: Chișinău, Ştefan cel Mare 128 Street, ap. 15
# Prices:
4 persons bedroom– 6 – 7 euro per night;
2 persons bedroom– 16 – 18 euro per night.

# Reviews:
Very good yet inexpensive hostel with friendly staff and interesting guests while I was staying there.” Anonymous, Belgium, Male, 25-30

The hostel was alright – I guess, there aren’t any excellent hostels anywhere in Chisinau 😉 The hostel is bascially a converted apartment. This is also its biggest drawback: there is only one shower and one toilet and there is no basin to wash your hands after using the toilet, if the shower is in use. That said, the atmosphere was good and the staff was alright.” Anonymous, Germany, Male, 25-30

# Site: trottersden.weebly.com, Facebook Page.

5. Retro Moldova Hostel





# Location: Chișinău, Coșbuc 3 Street, ap. 24.
# Prices:
6 persons bedroom– 9 – 12 euro per night;
4 persons bedroom– 11 – 13 euro per night;
2 persons bedroom– 13 – 15 euro per night.

# Reviews:
A great little place in central Chisinau with friendly and helpful staff. Unfortunately there’s only one bathroom which can cause trouble in the morning when people are showering. It’s very good value for money though.” Australia, Male, 25-30

Excellent hostel experience. The hostel is a huge building, not far from the old town. The dorm rooms are big with high ceilings. There is a big kitchen with gas stove and clean bathrooms. There is a large common room and a garden outside. The staff, especially Ramona, is friendly and helpful. FRee bottled drink every night you stay.” USA, Male, 41+

# Site: retromoldovahostel.webs.com, Facebook Page.

6. Backyard Hostel




# Location: Chișinău, Chițcani 14 Street
# Prices:
8 persons bedroom– 7 euro per night;
5 persons bedroom– 9 euro per night;
2 persons bedroom– 22 euro per night.

# Reviews: No reviews

# Site: www.backyardhostel.net.

7. Hostel Suisse





# Location: Chișinău, Ștefan Cel Mare, 148 Street, ap. 14
# Prices:
8 persons bedroom– 10 euro per night;
4 persons bedroom– 12 – 13 euro per night.

# Reviews: No reviews

# Site: hostelsuisse.wordpress.com, Facebook Page.

8. Glorious Shack Hostel




# Location: Chișinău, Vlaicu Pârcălab 2 Street, (house nr 6)
# Prices:
4 persons bedroom– 7 euro per night;
bedroom – 15 euro per night;
double room – 20 euro per night.

# Reviews: „The hostel is new, just renovated, comfortable and tasteful. Everything is very clean and tidy. The attentive staff. There are all the necessary amenities, excellent free wi-fi. Great location – just 10 minutes walk from the main street. I advise anyone who wants to stay in the city center for a modest fee.” Anonymous, Ukraine, Female, 31-40

# Site: Facebook Page.

9. Forum Moldova Hostel





# Location: Chișinău, Bucureşti 77-5 Street
# Prices:
10 persons bedroom– 10 euro per night;
8 persons bedroom– 10 euro per night;
5 persons bedroom– 10 euro per night;
4 persons bedroom– 10 euro per night;
2 persons bedroom– 14 euro per night.

# Reviews: No reviews

# Site: www.forum-moldova-host.com.

10. EcoArt Hostel





# Location: Chișinău, Putnei 92 Street
# Prices:
46persons bedroom – 8 euro per night.

# Review:
I spent a beautiful weekend in Chisinau, in probably the best hostel I have been so far. Thank you guys for the hospitality! Hope to see you soon” Badea Andrei, România

Source: diez.md/2015/01/09/foto-util-10-hosteluri-din-chisinau-in-care-se-pot-caza-prietenii-de-peste-hotare/


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