Scutecele Domnului

This dessert reminds of childhood and the winter holidays. It is usually eaten at Christmas Eve, but there is no rule prohibiting cooking it any other day! 🙂


500 g flour
a pinch of salt
125-150 ml water
honey/sugar – the quantity is upon each one’s preference
400 g chopped walnuts
vanilla essence
rum essence
the zest of one orange
the zest of one lemon


Prepare an unleavened dough by mixing the flour, a pinch of salt and the water. Break pieces of dough and stretch them with the rolling pin in a rectangular or round form, on the table (on which you have sprinkled flour). The sheets of dough have to be very thin.

Then bake them on the hob or in a Teflon pan on both sides. Leave them to dry for at least 24 hours.

Now it is the time to prepare a warm syrup made of 500 ml water, 3 spoons of honey, sugar, essences and the orange and lemon zest.

Soak each sheet for 1-2 minutes in the syrup. Sprinkle chopped nuts on a plate then put the moist cake onto it. Then sprinkle again nuts and sugar, another moist cake and so on until all the “raw material” is gone.

Finally, cover everything with nuts and sugar, pour another 4 ladles of syrup (to moist the dessert very well) and then put a wooden cutting board on it. Some hours later pour other 2-3 ladles of syrup. Cover the “cake” with food foil and leave it to rest for 24 hours.

Cut it into square pieces and…enjoy your meal!

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Maia Sandu’s War on Judges

This post illustrates the changes that the educational system faces nowadays, thanks to the minister Maia Sandu. It looks like a great challenge – a challenge she is not afraid of!

Moldovan Politics

Arguable the best minister in the outgoing cabinet and probably the best minister of education Moldova has ever had, Maia Sandu, for the last two and a half years, has been relentlessly pushing for the long overdue reform of the education system.  An economist by training, she employs a systemic and rational approach in trying to raise the quality of education in a cost-effective way. This is where the much criticized optimization process (shut down of small schools) came into play. Yet, even the opposition realized, but failed to acknowledge, that quality education was impossible to achieve in settings where, due to budget constraints, the same teacher offers math, history and physical education classes. Apart from the recently adopted new Education Code, Maia Sandu’s signature policy has been the enforcement of strict anti-cheating rules during high school graduation exams, which made her public enemy number one among teenagers and in many cases, sadly…

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Sunday Travel Quote

                                  “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.– Oscar Wilde
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10 Events You Shouldn’t Miss This Month

1. December 1 – January 8 – The Christmas Village

52. January 2 – CMJI Trivia Quiz 10 (s2e2)

trivia3. January 3 – Local Labels Night 2.0

tipografia4. January 3,4 – O aventura tomnaticateatru5. January 4 – SANKEE

sanie 6. January 8 – Atelier sur l’histoire et la civilisation française n°4

alfr7. January 9-10 – Board Games Night

board8. Until January 14 – Philosophic pies and glintwein 10312464_10202075870497240_8345911247706234959_n9. January 15 – Photography project: Recreating your parents’ photos

photo10. January 15 – Serata Eminescu


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Vernisajul Vinului – A Christmas Passion

There is no need for huge discriptions. Please meet Tatiana SavvT.a – economist, blogger, retired winemaker and lover of Moldova. She is the one retelling us on one of the most expected events of the year – Vernisajul Vinului.  

 ”Up until now, in Moldova, all the events dedicated to the wines, can be classified in two categories:

  • National drunkenness – The Wine Day, which used to be more of a week-end when people gather in the National Square and the local producers see each other once per year, as the rest of the time they are busy with making/selling/drinking wine 🙂
  • Glamorous events – such as Vernisajul Vinului, where 5you can hear jazz in the background, people are nicely dressed and the usual jeans are somewhere home, lost and forgotten. Well, at this 7th edition, the event transformed into a celebration of the wine, where you can discover wines, people, legends. It is the place where you can bump into your old friends or make new ones. A smart casual event.

This year, I was invited as a blogger. The previous editions, as a mere mortal – I bought the tickets. Previously I have taken part in Redescoperă Moldova – a more democratic event, in which the bloggers (some lovely people) describe during a week where the high-quality wine is produced in Moldova, what and how is drunk. They also write about the sightseeing places our small country has.

Due to this event, our “clan” reunited and we could see each other how we look like when wearing bow ties and cocktail dresses, not only sneakers and parkas 🙂

The event gathered about 1000 people from different domains, starting with the Government and its agencies and moving to the private sector (advertisin2g, television, consulting, embassies and other wine lovers). All”ranges” of people: winemakers, fellow students whom I have not seen for the last 5 years, polite or noisy tourists 🙂

Beside from networking, we had the chance to enjoy…OOOOver 200 types of wine, some of them “inaugurated” at the event. Not to miss mentioning the tango and Christmas carols sang by the jazz band.

Even though I felt the atmosphere and the people as being formal, it was not as it used to 4be the other years. A general sensation of red: red wines, red lips, red dresses – as my friend Nicu Apostu uses to say. However, we could also feel the holiday spirit – not for nothing this year’s event theme was “A Christmas Passion”.

Moving back to the ”star of the evening” – the wine! The particular interest towards wines was shown through a demonstration held by Achim Laurențiu Avram, the president of the Sommeliers’ Federation in Romania. The famous sommelier has shown had to open 1correctly a bottle of sparkling wine. He has also organized a masterclass, during which participants have learned on the art of sampling and appreciating the quality wines.

 To sum up, I would say that this kind of events is especially good for those who want to spend a nice evening with good music, even better wine and beautiful people!”


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Sunday Travel Quote

“A good holiday is one that is spent among people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours.” – J.B. Priestley


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Brighten the Winter Holidays with PAO Candles

10365854_10204196644011831_2486165202782741781_nI am Vica, a perfectionist (sometimes it turns out to be more of a defect that a quality). I like to dream and I believe that dreams bring innovation and creativity… I am an enthusiast with lots of ideas – I even have a copybook to put them down. Despite my creative and dreamy personality, I’ve learned economics for 7 years and that is exactly what helps me to temper my ideas. Being a very passionate person, I put this passion in everything that I do and believe in!

PAO Candles is the brand that exists since 2013 ( if I can say so) and deals with decorative carved candles.

The idea of creating carved candles appeared early in the morning, it was 4 a.m. pao candles (4)when my fiancé said that it would be a great idea if we could develop a creative business. After this a long period of analysis and study of the market followed, and we observed that in Moldova there was lack of beautiful carved candles for wedding and decorative carved candles.

One of the difficult things that I had to face was to find suppliers of qualitative raw materials for our candles. We worked with different suppliers but they provided low-quality materials, and we decided to work with manufacturers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Romania and Poland. Even if we have to pay more for the raw materials and freight, we are sure that we can provide the best quality. Now, every time we receive the materials, we also get the quality certificates from the factory attached.

My first creation was inspired from love and passion. Due to this, our slogan is “Carved candles made with pure love”. Now, my inspiration is taken from the clients’ opinions and wishes.

pao candlesBeside from being a business, PAO Candles means to me my first baby, and I am very careful with it.

The buyers of PAO Candles are people who appreciate handmade things and arts, who love to make original gifts, people who prefer be surrounded by original things, not kitsch.

The choice of a candle is not as simple as it seems. It means to find the perfect candle for your need. You have to be careful with the material the candle is made of, with the color, and the smell. Some medical studies show that the candle light can be a good therapy for us, and at the same time, there are different types of paraffin being made from petrol, that smells bad and can be toxic. Many of us are allergic to different smells, so we have to pay attention when we choose candles for us. We can decorate the kitchen with green candles to increase appetite, or red candles to decorate bedroom for a romantic atmosphere so if you need candles to decorate your living room you have to choose the right color, if you want to meditate you have to choose white or pastel colors carved candles..

On winter holidays, our range of products is more aromatic: cinnamon and cedar, wild cherry, lilac flowers, green apple, coffee and caramel can delight your Christmas. And of course we use more red, that is typical for winter holiday, green and a lot of white for the snow.

One can use these candles as souvenir, decorative candles, gift for your employees.

Our further plans are to delight with the bright of the PAO Candles.

pao candles (2) pao candles (3)

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