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5 Quotes About Moldova and Moldovans

Here are 5 quotes that we love about Moldova: “Never and in no circumstance has it crossed my mind to say that I am anything else than a Romanian from Bessarabia.”  – Maria Cebotari, Moldovan soprano and actress “I consider … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home – 5 Famous People’s Homes Turned Museums

Alexander Pushkin Museum The House-Museum “A. S. Pushkin” it’s an architectural monument of national value, included in the register of historical and cultural monuments of Chisinau, composed by the academy of Sciences. It was created in the late XVIII century … Continue reading

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Cave Monasteries of Moldova

Tipova Tipova cave monastery is located onto the rocky shore of the Nistru river. This Orthodox cave monastery is the largest not only in Moldova, but also in all Eastern Europe. The monastic community of the cloister formed here much … Continue reading

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Even though Gérard Depardieu has left France in a bit of a sulk, (Ok he wanted to lower his tax bill, but being called ‘pathetic’ by Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, probably didn’t help), he can still…

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4 Must-See Moldovan Cities Outside of Chisinau

1. Balti Balti, typical Soviet city, is the second largest city in terms of area and economic importance after Chisinau, and the third largest city in terms of population after Chisinau and Tiraspol. The “northern capital”, as it is usually called, is a major industrial, cultural and commercial center, and transportation hub in … Continue reading

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20 Facts About Moldova

You might be curious to know that: Moldova is placed the 12th among the top world wine exporters. Vine growing and wine making in Moldova counts for almost 5,000 years. The largest underground wine cellar in the world, Cricova, is … Continue reading

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7 Wonders of Moldova

1. Emil Racovita Cave in Criva It is the 8th greatest cave on the planet, and it still keeps a lot of mysteries waiting to be discovered. There is a long underground gallery inside the cave which is counted as one of … Continue reading

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