Vernisajul Vinului – A Christmas Passion

There is no need for huge discriptions. Please meet Tatiana SavvT.a – economist, blogger, retired winemaker and lover of Moldova. She is the one retelling us on one of the most expected events of the year – Vernisajul Vinului.  

 ”Up until now, in Moldova, all the events dedicated to the wines, can be classified in two categories:

  • National drunkenness – The Wine Day, which used to be more of a week-end when people gather in the National Square and the local producers see each other once per year, as the rest of the time they are busy with making/selling/drinking wine 🙂
  • Glamorous events – such as Vernisajul Vinului, where 5you can hear jazz in the background, people are nicely dressed and the usual jeans are somewhere home, lost and forgotten. Well, at this 7th edition, the event transformed into a celebration of the wine, where you can discover wines, people, legends. It is the place where you can bump into your old friends or make new ones. A smart casual event.

This year, I was invited as a blogger. The previous editions, as a mere mortal – I bought the tickets. Previously I have taken part in Redescoperă Moldova – a more democratic event, in which the bloggers (some lovely people) describe during a week where the high-quality wine is produced in Moldova, what and how is drunk. They also write about the sightseeing places our small country has.

Due to this event, our “clan” reunited and we could see each other how we look like when wearing bow ties and cocktail dresses, not only sneakers and parkas 🙂

The event gathered about 1000 people from different domains, starting with the Government and its agencies and moving to the private sector (advertisin2g, television, consulting, embassies and other wine lovers). All”ranges” of people: winemakers, fellow students whom I have not seen for the last 5 years, polite or noisy tourists 🙂

Beside from networking, we had the chance to enjoy…OOOOver 200 types of wine, some of them “inaugurated” at the event. Not to miss mentioning the tango and Christmas carols sang by the jazz band.

Even though I felt the atmosphere and the people as being formal, it was not as it used to 4be the other years. A general sensation of red: red wines, red lips, red dresses – as my friend Nicu Apostu uses to say. However, we could also feel the holiday spirit – not for nothing this year’s event theme was “A Christmas Passion”.

Moving back to the ”star of the evening” – the wine! The particular interest towards wines was shown through a demonstration held by Achim Laurențiu Avram, the president of the Sommeliers’ Federation in Romania. The famous sommelier has shown had to open 1correctly a bottle of sparkling wine. He has also organized a masterclass, during which participants have learned on the art of sampling and appreciating the quality wines.

 To sum up, I would say that this kind of events is especially good for those who want to spend a nice evening with good music, even better wine and beautiful people!”



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