Brighten the Winter Holidays with PAO Candles

10365854_10204196644011831_2486165202782741781_nI am Vica, a perfectionist (sometimes it turns out to be more of a defect that a quality). I like to dream and I believe that dreams bring innovation and creativity… I am an enthusiast with lots of ideas – I even have a copybook to put them down. Despite my creative and dreamy personality, I’ve learned economics for 7 years and that is exactly what helps me to temper my ideas. Being a very passionate person, I put this passion in everything that I do and believe in!

PAO Candles is the brand that exists since 2013 ( if I can say so) and deals with decorative carved candles.

The idea of creating carved candles appeared early in the morning, it was 4 a.m. pao candles (4)when my fiancé said that it would be a great idea if we could develop a creative business. After this a long period of analysis and study of the market followed, and we observed that in Moldova there was lack of beautiful carved candles for wedding and decorative carved candles.

One of the difficult things that I had to face was to find suppliers of qualitative raw materials for our candles. We worked with different suppliers but they provided low-quality materials, and we decided to work with manufacturers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Romania and Poland. Even if we have to pay more for the raw materials and freight, we are sure that we can provide the best quality. Now, every time we receive the materials, we also get the quality certificates from the factory attached.

My first creation was inspired from love and passion. Due to this, our slogan is “Carved candles made with pure love”. Now, my inspiration is taken from the clients’ opinions and wishes.

pao candlesBeside from being a business, PAO Candles means to me my first baby, and I am very careful with it.

The buyers of PAO Candles are people who appreciate handmade things and arts, who love to make original gifts, people who prefer be surrounded by original things, not kitsch.

The choice of a candle is not as simple as it seems. It means to find the perfect candle for your need. You have to be careful with the material the candle is made of, with the color, and the smell. Some medical studies show that the candle light can be a good therapy for us, and at the same time, there are different types of paraffin being made from petrol, that smells bad and can be toxic. Many of us are allergic to different smells, so we have to pay attention when we choose candles for us. We can decorate the kitchen with green candles to increase appetite, or red candles to decorate bedroom for a romantic atmosphere so if you need candles to decorate your living room you have to choose the right color, if you want to meditate you have to choose white or pastel colors carved candles..

On winter holidays, our range of products is more aromatic: cinnamon and cedar, wild cherry, lilac flowers, green apple, coffee and caramel can delight your Christmas. And of course we use more red, that is typical for winter holiday, green and a lot of white for the snow.

One can use these candles as souvenir, decorative candles, gift for your employees.

Our further plans are to delight with the bright of the PAO Candles.

pao candles (2) pao candles (3)


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