Winter Charity Bazaar

It has already become a beautiful tradition to have the Winter Charity Bazaar in December. Trip Moldova has contacted one of the organizers of this event, to find more insights! We thank Mrs Corina Cojocaru-Ulianovschi for this warm interview! Apart from being associate Professor at the Free International University in Moldova, Doctor in Law at Sorbona University Paris I and post-doctorate researcher at the University of Geneva, she is also the spouse of the Deputy minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Co-President of the International Women’s Club in Moldova aaaaaand, co-organizer of the 18th edition of the Winter Charity Bazaar!

If you were to look up for the definition of the “Winter Charity Bazaar”, it could be defined as a trip around the world, where each state presents its local products, food and drinks, its artwork, clothes, books and toys, all at an affordable price. It is an opportunity for every diplomatic mission accredited in the Republic of Moldova to present its national products and contribute to the modernization of the living conditions and medical healthcare of the children who have a grey fate. This Winter Charity Bazaar can be defined as a bridge made of communication and interraction between the civil society of the RM and the diplomatic community from our country, as well as the foreign residents living here, in Moldova.

With the First Lady, M. Timofti

With the First Lady, M. Timofti

This year we celebrated the 18th edition of the Bazaar. This event has become a beautiful tradition, because the International Women’s Club in Moldova, which has made a maximum of efforts, in order to involve as many diplomatic missions, local producers, organizes it. In addition, we had the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, as well as various media partners. Due to all of them, many people have attended this Charity Bazaar. The guest of honor of this edition was the First Lady, H.E. Margareta Timofti, who took care to visit each of the stands exposed at the event.

To be part of the organizing team of the Winter Charity Bazaar means, first determination and involvement, generosity, devotion, honesty, multilingualism and interculturalism. After 18 years of activity, organizing the Winter Charity Bazaar has coincided with a new era in the Club’s history and namely the legalization of this International Women’s Forum in Moldova. This means that we obtained the legal status of NGO and along with it – a bank account, which will allow us to manage transparently those financial resources obtained from various charitable activities organized by us. 18 years back, the US Ambassador’s wife and the German Ambassador’s wife have initiated this Club.

Among those who brought the goodies are the representatives of diplomatic missions, such as: the Turkish Embassy, United States Embassy, Italian Embassy, Cu Theresa and BanuAzerbaijan Embassy, Qatar Embassy, Chinese Embassy, Hungarian Embassy, EU Delegation, Germany Embassy, Irish Community in Chisinau, Swedish Embassy, Latvian Embassy, Russian Embassy, Romanian Embassy, UN Representation, Polish Embassy, Bulgarian Embassy, South Korean Embassy with residence in Kiev, Ukrainian Embassy, French Embassy, UK Embassy, OSCE Representation, Lithuanian Embassy, Israeli Cultural Center, Belorussian Embassy, Slovakian Embassy, Estonian Honorary Consulate, Center for Refugees Representation, EUBAM Representation, IOM Representation, Peace Corp Moldova and many more local economic agents.

 The most visited/appreciated stands were… It would be difficult to say which stands were the most appreciated, since all the countries had interesting and unique products, delicious food. Some of them even offered certain traditional services. For example, the Embassy of Qatar in Chisinau has invited from Doha some professional women in the art of makeup and body decorations, specific to the Arab world. The Irish community in the Republic of Moldova was impressive due to the sweets prepared by the 2children with disabilities of the Placement Center in Hancesti. The Turkish Embassy has brought a professional chef from the Turkish Airlines, who has cooked traditional Turkish meals. In this way, this Embassy had the greatest sales and donated 156.000 MDL to the Club. The Italian and Azerbaijan Embassies were impressive thanks to their pastry products and specific sweets. The attendees have enjoyed the Italian Panettoni and the Azerbaijan tea, prepared and served by the ambassador’s wife herself. The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in 3Chisinau has impressed through the objects of Chinese art. The Embassies of the US, Romania and Hungary have given the buyers the chance to enrich their libraries with books or personal wardrobe with a nice tie made of silk. The UK Embassy delighted the visitors with the cakes baked by the ambassador’s wife. Of course, the traditional Matreoshka and the red caviar could not miss from the Russian Embassy’s stand!

The last but not the least, our country, the Republic of Moldova had one of the most impressive stands, with lots of dairy products, sweets, warm meals and the traditional Moldovan wines – highly appreciated by the international community! Altogether, they have donated an imposing some of money for the children that are recovering at the Institute of Oncology.

The atmosphere at the event could be described as a unique holiday atmosphere, when all the ambassadors’ wives represented with a great enthusiasm their countries. At the end of the event, the First Lady, H.E. Margareta Timofti, together with Taierea torteithe Bazaar’s main coordinator, Irina Herne, co-Presidents and members of our Club, the Swedish Ambassador, the wives of the chiefs of the accredited diplomatic missions and the wives of other Moldovan officials, have cut the cakes! One of them was offered by Mrs. Bumacov, the wife of the Minister of Agriculture and the other one – by the member states of the EU, the EU delegation to the RM and the national producers.

This year, the Club had as objective to collect the necessary amount of many for the purchase of a special anesthesiology machine for children of two departments of

The lady with the red hat is the main organizer

The lady with the red hat is the main organizer

Hematology and Pediatrics within Oncology Institute in Moldova. We have attained our goal, as we have gathered 40.000 $US (about 32.000 euro), which will allow us to buy this device, that costs about 28.000 Euro. The rest of money will be used for helping the children who need prostheses for their either eyes, nose, mouth, children who need the unique services of the Center of Oromaxillofacial Prosthetics in the Republic of Moldova. We also hope to find the financial resources to create a specially equipped room with the necessary medical seating required for the medical procedures for children who have cancer.

What have the organizers asked Santa to bring for the next year, for the next Winter Charity Bazaar? Ooo, very good question! I wish the event to be at least that interesting and productive as this year was. That was due to the great number of local businesspersons who have offered their generous financial support and were open to our initiative of becoming partners. We wish for tangible results that would be worthwhile the International Women’s Club’s efforts, as we are “volunteering” in organizing this event 6and expect nothing else than contentment. I believe that due to our noble objective of helping the poor children, the visitors have easily bought products or paid services during the Bazaar, as they knew this money would finally get to the kids suffering from cancer. We are glad that year by year more and more people get involved in charity actions for helping the helpless children. We are glad that we are becoming part of the international community, where human, cultural, multilingualism and social values are superior to other principles and values. God help and for the next editions! Finally, a traditional Happy New Year to everyone! A more prosperous and warm year for our hearts and souls! Together we can make a better life!

Thank you for this interview, it was a pleasure to have this conversation with you!

4 5 1Photos: Mrs. Corina Cojocaru-Ulianovschi and #diez


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