EduJoc – For the Eternal Child

    Do you already feel the spirit of winter holidays? We do! And so does EduJoc – the team that has already started preparing gifts for everyone. Who are they and what are they 3exactly doing? Find out in the article offered by Victoria Novac, one of the founders.

EduJoc is a model of social business. More the interest in profit, our aim is to have a social impact by bringing solutions to the problems that children, parents and educators face each day. I was student at Cluj and Igor Hîncu was studying engineering when we attended a seminar about social entrepreneurship. We have learned how to pursue our dreams and passions by also helping the society.

EduJoc started as a pilot project. Half a year we have studied the market, brought educational games from Romania. Children together with their mothers have tested them. Their positive 2feedback encouraged us to continue our activity. EduJoc was opened at the end of 2012. We began promoting the concept of education through games on social media and then we launched the on-line shop One year later we have won the national contest of business plans and the money received have been used for the purchasing of a truck. We have nicely decorated it and now it is situated at Ciocana (one of the city’s districts).

We began by importing toys from Romania, China, France, Germany, Canada, but the most important for us was launching our own collection of games, made in Moldova. We have also identified 3 workshops and at the moment we are working with them. As receptivity is one of our trumps, we are trying to turn real the dreams of every child. Our mission is to offer each children the chance to have at least on educational toy in the house. We want to raise a generation of intelligent and creative kis, the EduJoc generation.

The most interesting part of our activity are the toys’ testing laboratories. Each imported 1or manufactured item is necessarily tested by children. In this way we can understand how this toy can help, what are the abilities it develops, how does the child react, what is the proper age. We have also started a didactic program for kindergartens, where we present the principles for organizing educational activities that can lead to the development of human thinking by using wooden blocks. We go to centers, kindergartens and educational institutions absolutely for free and moreover, we also bring an expert, materials, wooden blocks and lots of love.

The most popular toy is the giant builder. We also call it „Moldovan Lego”. When we decided to open a shop, out question was „How to decorate it?” We wanted our shelves to be outstanding, just as our toys. Finally, after a brainstorming with all our team, we came up with the idea of this universal builder, which allows the creation of random types of furniture.

All our toys are created for the development of the child from the first years of life. When selling out toys, we take into consideration the age, personality and needs of the child. It’s good to offer a toy according to the age and we take care to sell our toys according to the age

If you are looking for a smart present, especially for the winter holidays, it might be waiting for you at EduJoc.



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