Elections – a vote for the future

December. The last month of the year. It is probably time to draw a line and make some conclusions.

Not a mystery to anyone that 2014 has been a challenging year for the whole world’s politic life. Moldova is not an exception from the rule. Furthermore, on the last day of autumn, we have been put to one of the most important tests of maturity – the parliamentarian elections. To be more precise: East of West?

To begin with, generally speaking, it was a rather peaceful campaign, before Friday. moldova_alegeri_80737200_69785100_03118700Because on Friday, the pro-Russian party “Patria”, was excluded from the list, as it was demonstrated that it used funds from abroad for the campaign – which is prohibited by the regulations. This move was harshly criticized by Moscow. As a result, we could see different movies on the Internet, with the party’s most known member, being acclaimed by the people in Moscow (where he escaped right after the party was excluded from the lists).

Moving straight to the elections day. On Sunday, November 30, everyone was expected to choose the future for the next 4 years. The responsibility of these elections was very high, as we had to elect whether to continue our European way, either to leave all these years ‘efforts behind and have closer ties with Russia.

ROMANIA-MOLDOVA-VOTE     Do doubt that a lot of people understood how important is to vote, especially this time. Therefore, for the last month, Facebook was full of videos and encouraging messages that urged citizens to exert their voting right. However, the results were rather disappointing, as everyone expected that the number of voters would be much higher.

Judging by the Facebook community, everyone had a sleepless night, willing to find the results. The first votes, coming from the North of the country have been rather disappointing for some, as they showed a massive preference for the Social Party, which is strongly fighting for a closer approach to Russia. However, as time lapsed and new results from other parts of the country appeared, the percentages kept on changing. We could see how the European aspirations of the people keep on increasing the percentages of the pro-European parties.

For those who could sleep at least a bit this night, there was no problem to wake up in the morning, as everyone craved for finding the last results.

As to draw a conclusion, the Social Party (PSRM) gained 20.74%, followed by the Liberal Democrat Party (PLDM) – 19.99%, the Communist Party (PCRM) – 17.71%, the Democrat Party (PDM) – 15.94% and the Liberal Party (PL) – 9.52%. Now those striving for becoming part of the European family e_79413700_024934576-1xpect the three parties: PLDM, PL and PDM to create a new coalition and continue the process of integration. Doubtless, the opposition, PSRM will also try to impose their policy regarding the ties with Russia. In addition, there is no clue on the Communists position regarding the country’s further development.

Well, at this point, tomorrow is a mystery, but we have faith. We are hoping for a brighter future!


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