Albinella – the Path to Childhood

10489652_672602706149181_5775025950531698003_nI am Aurelia, the mother of two greedy little men. After many sleepless nights while swinging the crib, I recovered due to my love for pastry and painting, the eagerness to surprise and to motivate my children! Now, the maternity leave seems an adventure!

We created Albinella, because when you love it is a pleasure to give, especially in the eve of a holiday, while looking for unique presents for our beloved ones – child, parent, friend or workmate. This is why Albinella appeared – the naturally “colored” gingerbread with honey can stir anyone’s interest and admiration, regardless the age. You can crunch it for dessert or while having your tea in the morning. And you’re free to decide whether to offer it as a present or keep it for your own afternoon delight.

Albinella is that name that you can easily associate with honey refinement, 10477292_734962549913196_1455322299171596057_ncinnamon and ginger flavor, the taste of the childhood, natural colors, organic products, sweets that your eye enjoy while drinking your tea.

What makes us different from other sweets producers is… You know – it is not such a simple recipe and the secret is that the sweets don’t contain sugar, just honey. And for giving life to the gingerbread, I use ordinary dyes obtained from concentrated fruits and vegetables’ juices, spirulina, cocoa, turmeric, vegetable charcoal and chlorophyll. I admit that it is a painstaking work, but I enjoy doing it! Any idea can be painted on the sweets!

1Our target-group… is anyone who wants to surprise his/her beloved one in a sweet and pleasant way. This gingerbread can become the expressive accents of a candy bar or, nicely packed – can be used as tokens for the guests. They are funny and are always appreciated by those who love the beauty, the hand-made art and want, especially to recall themselves the taste of the childhood.

In such a business, it can be difficult sometimes to… STOP because the clients’ smiles are always encouraging me to keep working!

The main ingredients that we use in our products are… the willingness to surprise 1975094_719985831410868_1288693289987784575_nthe one who will taste the gingerbread, the smiles offered as reward and…honey!

If you want to surprise your guests with something special, we advise you to contact Albinella, describe the holiday’s topic and we will make sure that your ideas become a delicious reality!

The greatest source of inspiration for our small works of art is the client’s idea and my imagination. These two make the gingerbread real tasty treasures. The sweet tokens and the candy-bar decorations are always made in a perfect harmony with the event’s topic and style.

The perfect time for having some sweets is during holidays and…daily 🙂

For the future, we plan to have master classes for children, as this would enhance their creativity and replace the modeling clay.



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