16 Impressions, Same City

Let’s see what are Pedro’s impressions of Chisinau after his trip.

Maybe the next post will be about your impressions! :)

“There’s no doubt that the once called “countries behind the iron curtain” changed dramatically since the early nineties. But Chisinau, the Moldovan capital, still retains some of the character from the communist times. There’s an atmosphere I can only describe as “Soviet”, slightly backwards, that fills the city with a long gone era’s charm.

Impressions of Chisinau, Moldova

As I  explained on previous posts, despite being spring, Chisinau was extremely cold when I visited. So, it comes with no surprise that the most common word that comes to my mind when I think about the city, is “grey”. Partly because of the skies, partly due tot eh city’s own appearance.

On this post I want to share with you another 15 other impressions I had about Moldova’s largest city.

1- Chisinau is small and easy to explore.

2- It’s one of the very few cities I’ve been to that offer free Wi-Fi in public parks.

3- Virtually every restaurant and coffee shop has free Wi-Fi without a password – so you’re connected pretty much anywhere you go in the city centre.

4- It’s a very budget-friendly destination. To give you an idea, a 500ml bottle of beer costs USD0.90 (£0.60, €0.70).

5- I was surprised to see that, despite food and drink being quite cheap, a cappuccino costs the same as in London.

6- There is an enormous contrast between the relative simplicity of the churches façades and their opulent interiors.

Chisinau Moldova

7- It found it touching that girls dressed in a very trendy way, some with needle stilettos and ultra-tight pants, were praying in the churches with a lot of devotion.

8- Moldovan women are really beautiful – would be even more if they exercised their smiles more often…

9- Local food is simply yummy!

10- Although Moldovan is the official language, I couldn’t believe it when I met locals whose first language was Russian and who didn’t speak a word of Moldovan!

11- The fact the country is at the bottom of Europe’s wealthiest countries, is very evident.

12- Public transport is by far the cheapest I’ve taken anywhere in a long time!

Impressions of Chisinau, Moldova

13- Moldovan’s are very patriotic and proud of their country and own ethnics.

14- Just by visiting Chisinau you can already notice the country has a melting pot of different ethnicities, as I pointed out on this post.

15- Chisinau is packed with karaoke bars – so, fancy sing-a-long-a, anyone?”

P.S. Where did the 16th point disappear? And at the 10th point – the language is Romanian, not Moldovan 🙂

Source: http://www.travelwithpedro.com/16-impressions-of-chisinau/


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