Discovering Moldova and Its Wines Abroad

Today my eyes stopped on the title of an article, which contained the word “Moldova”. And “wines” 🙂 Of course I was very curious to see what do people have to say about my country and therefore, didn’t wait any longer and started reading. As I really liked the text, I thought immediately that some of you, dear readers, might be in the situation of the author and would like to know more about our great wines (yes, very modest 🙂 ).

I hope you’ll enjoy the article!

P.S. Have you had the chance to taste Moldovan wines?

“I receive a lot of invitations to taste some of the most delicious wines from around the world, however, I stopped and had to re-read a recent invitation.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova of Canada, Ala Beleavschi, was cordially inviting me to the first ever wine tasting in Montreal, Canada. It was infact the first introduction across Canada to present to the Canadian Market the varying styles and unique characteristics of Moldovan produced wines, in the presence of the Vice Minister Of Agriculture, Vlad Loghin. The wines were also being represented by Renato Cantoni from Les Sélèctions Soly- Leblanc. Quite a grand affair!

20141105-190136.jpgNow, am I alone when I say…”Moldova….where’s that?”
Well curiously enough, Moldova is a country shaped like a bunch of grapes and is situated in
South-East Europe between Ukraine and Romania in the Black Sea basin where the vines originate. The first wine making in Moldova dating back to 7000 years BC. Who would have known, Moldova is the thirteenth largest wine producing country in the world with their wines already known in Europe. A country with the largest underground cellar, 200 klm in size, made out of old caves left over from lime stone mining. A country with the largest collection of wine in the world consisting of 1.5 million bottles. Who would have thought it….Moldova of all places, why have we not sat up and paid more attention to this country of wonder!
But the love of the evening just kept on growing, regional dishes ma20141105-190900.jpgde their way into the room and before too long I was made to feel like I was part of the family of love and warmth of the incredible big hearted Moldovan culture.

The ambiance of the evening was unlike any other tasting event I had been to before ,this community of people greeted you with such pride, welcoming you to taste their crafted wines. I must note that at the moment these wines are available through private import,(I’ll include contact details at the end,) though there is keen interest from both the LCBO and the SAQ.

The first wine I tasted was “Cricova”. A dark plum coloured wine. 20141105-193250.jpg13.5%.
On the nose black cherries, black currants, raspberries, lively fruits and floral tones.
On the palate, vibrant cherries, fresh plums, good acidity, leathery tones and a full mouthful of chocolate. Velvety tannins, white pepper spice and a good length. This is a dry wine with tons of versatility and I gave it a 91 score.

The second wine was from a series of wines from the Purcari Chateau. The theme of wines from the 1827 collection were named because in 1827, the Tsar Nicolai the 1st of Russia, issued a decree to the first specialist wine making household of Bessarabia, established at Purcari.20141105-200813.jpg

1827 Rara Neagra de Purcari. 2013. 100% Rara Negra. The colour of this wine is brick red in colour.
On the nose there are vibrant fruits, cherries, raspberries , floral notes of roses. The nose is very deceptive in comparison to the mouth. The palate consists of cherries, blueberries and cranberries. There is a delicate oak barrel tone before a delicious bitter dark chocolate note. The tannins are firm with good black pepper spice and a great length, truly delicious , I give this a 93.
This grape varietal is an authentic grape grown only in Moldova. It is a light sipping wine with a fruity finish similar to a Pinot noir. Great with Chicken or pasta.

The third wine was from the Purcari Vintage collection. Negru de Pircari Vintage 2010. A wine favored b20141105-202550.jpgy the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. A dry red wine made from 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Saperavi, 10% Rara Neagra.
An amazing nose, cherries, black currants, fresh figs, soft plums. Soft tones of damp bark, a vegetal tone of sweet peas .
On the palate, black cherries, black berries, cooked plums, compote of fig. Great leather tone then mineral chalky notes . Firm tannins, mild spice of nutmeg and Cinamon , white pepper and an incredible length. I give this a 94. A great accompaniment with game and red meats.

The fourth wine was a white. Via Etulia Reserve 2011, 13% Chardonnay.20141105-203550.jpg
A beautiful representation of a Chardonnay. On the nose, stone fruits like apricots, honey dew melon and notes of vanilla.
On the palate papaya, peach, honey dew melon, honey. This is a dry, fruity wine with a fantastic delivery. I give this a 93. A wonderful year round white, but seriously I can’t wait for the summer when I can simply sip it all by itself!


The next wine, still a white, back to the Purcari collection. Pinot Grigio de Purcari, 1827 Purcari, 2013. 100% Pinot Grigio .
Green apples and pears introduce there notes, then a delicate citrus tone like little mandarins. There are grassy tones like that on a hot summers day.
On the palate there are pears, honey notes and tones of citrus. Vanilla steps forward along with the fresh cut grass. This is a fruity well balanced acidity wine that is light and refreshing. I give this a 92. Approx $25. Great with shellfish and chicken. A wonderful wine to have with BBQ vegetables.

The last wine was from the Chi Vintage 2011 Merlot 13%.20141105-205838.jpg
This is a wine grown in the south of Moldova close to the black sea where there is a wonderful micro climate.
On the nose succulent cherries, lucious black fruit, vegetal tones like green runner beans, floral notes of violets.
On the palate there are more jammy fruits, black currants and blue berries. Apple blossom, oak barrel notes and vanilla. Great mocha tones with small spice notes and a shorter finish.
I give this a 92.

We felt as if we had truly been welcomed into the heart of the people of Moldova.
Their wines created out of passion and dedication. It was the most incredible surprise of the most delicious creativity. As a very informative and helpful gentleman called Vladimir Bîrladeanu from C20141105-210230.jpgelestial wine and spirits said, ” Why drink? … To have pleasure!”

So now we all know where Moldova is and how historical and delicious their wines are.
I prefer to decant the wines for approximately one hour before drinking. They are all so unique that there is a wine for every palate. My suggestion is to get your hands on them all and merrily make your way through them!

All that can be left to be said is….Noroc! …Cheers!

20141105-210731.jpgFor information on how to purchase these wines please contact Renato Cantoni 514-833 9445
Les Sélèctions Soly- Leblanc Inc”



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