Carol Schmidt – A Different Mayor

Probably the citizens of every city and country could name a politician that had an extraordinary contribution in the growth and development of the considered territory. Today, on the occasion of Chisinau’s 578 anniversary from its first documentary mention, Trip Moldova will give you some insight into the personality who made the first changes in Chisinau, in order to transform the capital city into a city more similar to the European ones.

Carol Schmidt (German: Karl-Ferdinand Alexander Schmidt, June 25, 1846, Bălți – March 9, 1928, Chisinau) served as mayor of Chisinau for 25 year (1977 – 1903). Why is he Carol_Schmidt considered the best mayor that Chisinau has ever had? The answer to this question may be found in the following arguments.

To begin with, as a mayor, he was concerned about the city’s infrastructure. Therefore, the streets have been paved and the first tram lines – installed (1881-1895). Following the same idea, it’s important to mention that the first culvert in the city was built particularly at those times. And one could safely walk on the streets despite the dark, as the street lights had finally been installed!

Furthermore, we could mention that during his inning, Carol Schmidt had his contribution in the building of the chapel in Râșcani district and also in the creation of some houses for invalid people.

A particular attention was given to education and culture. By the means of this context, we could name a range of important edifices that have been built. Among them, the Real School (1886), Pricess Natalia Dadiani’s Gymnasium for Girls (1900), The Land’s Museum of History (1889) and the actual building of the town hall (1901). The mayor C. Schmidt was the one to have the idea of opening a museum of the schools, but also to create the Musical Society „Harmony”. Not to forget that in 1894 was built the city’s school of Plastic Arts (currently known as the College of Plastic Arts „Alexandru Plămădeală”).

After 25 years as mayor, Carol Schmidt laid down the office after the Jewish pogrom. He refused to rule a city where such a shameful incident had taken place.

images It’s interesting to know that Carol Schmidt was the only mayor in Chisinau who was alive when a street was named in his honor. It happened in 1902 – on the occasion of the 25th year of his mandate. It was the street on which he was living at that moment. Currently, a part of the street is named Mitropolit Varlaam and the other part – mitropolit Dosoftei.

When you visit Chișinău, don’t forget to stop by the house where Carol Schmidt lived.



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