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Because it’s never too late for learning something new, we decided to share with you some informations about the Moldavian personalities born in September.

Ion Druță

1         Ion Druță (September 3, 1928) is a well-known writer from the Republic of Moldova and is currently honorary member of the Romanian Academy. His novels are inspired from the traditional Moldavian lifestyle, that one could easily see even today, when spending some time in a village.

Ion Druță has probably gained these writing skills while studying at the Superior literary courses, that were part of the Literature Institute „M. Gorki” in the USSR. In 1960 he moved to Moscow, where he is living till now.

Ion Druță’s first short stories have been published in the early 50’s. Not only had he written stories and novels, but also dramas. Each of his creations has a deep philosophic thought that needs to be understood by the reader. However, it’s interesting that the author has the amazing ability of conveying this message through the medium of simple characters – the common peasant or citizen, but placed in the right background. More than a writer, sometimes Druță reminds of a painter. He can perfectly describe the landscapes, the customs, people’s lifestyle!

Furthermore, his wonderful writings have been staged in theaters. One cannot stay numb when watching the whole story, played by the actors.

Among the most known titles, we could mention: „Frunze de dor”, „Balade din câmpie”, „Ultima luna de toamnă”, „Povara bunătății noastre”, „Horodiște”, „Biserica alba”.

2Ada Zevin

                Ada Zevin (Sept. 3, 1918 – Sept. 23, 2005) was a Bessarabian painter, with Jewish 658_1roots. She was born in Chișinău, in a family of Jewish teachers. After doing her studies at the Lyceum ”Jeanne d’Arc” in Chișinău, in 1938 she became student at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bucharest.

Since in 1940 Bessarabia was occupied by the Soviet Union and there was introduced the racist law against Jewish people from Romania, Ada Zevin is returning back home and continues her studies at the Republic School of Fine Arts. After the German attack against the USSR, the young painter was evacuated in the Autonomous Republic of Kalmîkă and afterwards in Georgia. She worked there in a high school, as art teacher.ada-zevin-portret-de-gagauza

Once the war ended, Ada came back in Chișinău, where she continued her studies. During the period 1947-1953, Ada was in Russia, where she studied first at the Academic Institute of Fine Arts ”V. I. Surikov” in Moscow and then at the Faculty of History and Arts’ Theory, at the „I. E. Repin” Institute, in S. Petersburg.

Ada Zevin is famous for her way of mixing the classical and modern expression techniques. She became notorious due to her ability of creating original paintings, inspired from the French and Romanian arts.

Nicolae Sulac

         Nicolae Sulac (Sept. 9, 1936 – April 8, 2003) was one of the most famous singers of folk music in the Republic of Moldova. He began his activity in 1959, in the chapel choir 658x0_sulac„Doina”. Some years later, Nicolae Sulac becomes the soloist of the „Fluieraș” ensemble. At this point, it’s important to mention that this ensemble was the starting point for a lot of folk singers in Moldova. In the `70’s, N. Sulac continues his musical career as vocalist of the „Lautarii” ensemble.

Due to his wonderful songs, with powerful lyrics, he became laureate of various awards, during the Soviet times. Later on, in the times of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, Nicolae Sulac was awarded as „people’s artist”. Finally, he was also conferred the Order of the Republic.

It’s important to know that Nicolae Sulac had never sung in another language that Romanian. He had always been acclaimed by his public, even by those who couldn’t understand the language and the meaning of his songs.

Truly committed to the growth and preservation of folk music, in 2002, Nicolae Sulac had created a fund to support popular music.

His songs are still listened to. Among the most well-known, we could mention: „Ce frumos mai cântă cucul”, „Tinerețe-tinerețe”, „Foaie verde maghiran”, „Floarea lui Sulac”…

Nicolae Sulac passed away at the age of 67, because of a stroke and was buried in the Central Cemetery in Chișinău.


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