molDeco – The Art of Enframing the Beauty

 stela          My name is Stela Moldovanu and I am 37 years old. I graduated the Faculty of Letters and 10 years ago, my husband and I created „molDeco” – a frameshop. I believe that my three children are my greatest accomplishment.

         There is so much beauty around us, that we don’t even manage to enjoy it. We are either too busy, either too indifferent to notice it. It’s much more easier to find the bad parts of everything. When loosing our footing, we tend to have negative thoughts. But one can’t do the same when recognizing the beauty. You simply stop to admire.

           People can sometimes be foolished by kitsch, beacause it’s much more cheaper and it’s sold everywhere. And that’s not only the reality of our country. Generally, it’s easier to percieve the objects that lack personality, because they don’t have any subtetlies and this renders them more…approacheable. For understanding the true value of an artwork, a certain preparation is required. But people are used to choosing the easy path.

          I knew that it’s necessary to „enframe” the beauty differently when I was looking for the proper frames for my 1embroideries. I wanted them to be special. Then I understood that it’s me who can do the same thing for others.

         To create molDeco was a challenge at the beginning. Ongoing, my husband and I found ourselves so much in this activity. Today, we cannot imagine our lives in a different way. It’s a business in which we put love and soul.

        For the moment, molDeco frameshops are visited by people who can feel the difference between a common frame and a frame created for their piece of work, especially if they tend to highlight the enframed content. Those are the majority of our visitors, clients. Others just come by from pure curiosity. However, it’s inevitable to avoid the „virus of beauty”. And they become infected by it. J

       The inspiration that lies beneath every object that you could find at molDeco is taken from everywhere. Everything that can awake emotion can become our product. All the enframed pieces of work, jewelry, ceramics and decorative objects in our frameshops are unique. Probably this was the key to the heart of those who are looking for something original and authentic.

        If you are looking for the perfect frame for a picture, the most important criterion in choosing it is to find what suits the photo, not the walls, not the furniture or the curtains in the room. We choose the frame by having the photo in our hands and we don’t like selling empty frames. Our frames are chosen for something particular, not for abstract things.

4         Placed in the right scenery, decorative objects can tranform a simple room into a space that has personality, life, history and a warmly welcoming atmosphere. Empty wall usually remind of hospitals…

         molDeco is special due tot the fact that it gatheres together people who appreciate the culture and the values of this country. From a small quiet shop of frames, we created a space that hosts periodically beautiful events during which we discover talented and creative people!




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