MUNA – Your Perfect Skirt

    We continue our journey on the land of Moldovan brands. And if ”originality” is the word that defines your wardrobe, this article may be of some help for you!  A big ”thank you” to Diana Bargan-Ignat – the founder of MUNA, for answering our questions!

AHP_3153 MUNA means more than a name, it’s followed me for a longer time, and one day I woke up in the night and I saw… I saw a skirt in my mind, I wanted to get asleep again but I couldn’t, I woke up and I drew it. The other days I found a team and we made it. That’s how MUNA started, that’s how this name that followed me got a sense.

The elements that inspired me for choosing the name and the logo of the brand. The brand name was in my mind for a longer period, it’s meant for me something extremely private, something daring, and something between light and darkness which waited it’s time to come out. When I decided to make skirts I knew that MUNA will be the best name choice for this brand. The logo elements came really fast, I can say that I imagined them from the first moment when I decided to make it. In Arabic MUNA means Desire and this is the basic value of the brand, the desire to dare and to inspire.

In an open market, with recognized brands, it can be difficult sometimes. That’s why MUNA decided to make only skirts. There are a lot of brands who produce clothes, but there is no one to produce only skirts and to be known for this. MUNA wants to become the first brand in Moldova to be recognized for doing skirts, and to be the first ladies option for this category.

A daily challenge for MUNA can be considered the raw material present on the Moldovan market.

Smart Diva - engWhen wearing a MUNA skirt, any woman feels first of all DARING, because MUNA produce daring skirts. But talking about occasions you chose the skirt, you can feel a Business Goddess wearing a business skirt, you can feel comfortable if you chose a Seven days skirt, or coquette if you chose a Baby doll skirt, romantic if you took a Dantela skirt. So MUNA can make you feel different, visit us and we’ll demonstrate it 😉

The special thing about MUNA is the attitude, design and the wish to make women happy.

To create a new skirt means to be inspired and to create a new model.

Our plans and farther projects? To launch fall – winter 2014 collection. To open a showroom in 2015. 

AHP_7008AHP_6958MUNA mapYes, here you can find MUNA and the skirt that suits you best!


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