Sweet As Honey!

A lot of Moldovan brands have lately appeared on the market. Maybe you have already heard about them, maybe not! That is why Trip Moldova decided to create this new category: “Made in Moldova” – to let you know more about our national brands! 

Let’s begin our range of interviews on a sweet note! Discover today what does “Dulce Plai” mean, from Liza Mamaliga – its founder!

”I am Liza, founder at Dulce Plai. I am from Todirești, Ungheni. I am passionate about liza 1Nature, People and Bees of course. I am managing Dulce Plai social enterprise but also co-facilitating  and co-organizing seminars and events at activEco, a project in the field of sustainable development.

Dulce Plai is a social business that practice and promotes beekeeping as a solution for rural development, raise awareness about the importance of bees for biodiversity conservation and sell honey and other bee products, important for people healthy nutrition.”

If one would look up in the dictionary for “Dulce Plai”, it’s honey, local, eco-friendly, healthy and heavenly tasty. It is a project fueled with love, passion, great people, creativeness and a lot of challenges. A platform for development for everyone gets to work there.

And the idea of the name came up as… Being fellow at ”The Do School” I got to now Alex from Berlin, a great brand manager, that asked me to make a list of 100 words or words combination that may be good for the name of my venture. Than I had to choose 20, after this 10, I made a poll with 30 people from 20 countries and Dulce Plai won.

logo DpThis business started as a dream. It was burning inside me the desire to have something that I own, I wanted a business in Moldova but at the same time to make good. I fall in love with social business concept, got the fellowship at The Do School, came back with strategic plan, faced the cruel reality of getting started something that looks perfect in your mind but not in the others and trusting myself and my idea I got married with Dulce Plai 2 years ago.

The greatest challenge(s) that I have to face is selling honey in Moldova. That is our everyday challenge. We combine our knowledge with little creativity and the great network we have and in this way we deal with that challenge.

To produce honey in Moldova is cool.

Are you curious what does “Dulce Plai” have special? Well, that’s easy! It’s all about responsibility, for our own life, for the environment, for the community and our country. Everything we do we do good and in a responsible way. Like the bees do. The bees1 collects honey from flowers in such a way as to do the least damage or destruction to them, and they leaves the flowers whole, undamaged and fresh, just as they found them and plus pollinating the flowers.

The perfect time to enjoy some honey is in the morning on bread with a cup of tea.

If choosing between honey and sugar, you should know that… Just think what you would prefer right now some bread with honey or a slice of bread with some sugar? Honey is food sugar is poison. Honey in comparing with sugar contains vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, minerals , and for this reason honey is good for our nutrition and as natural treatment of several health problems but it  is also delicious.

We are trying now to prepare bees for the cold season 🙂 and start planning the next production year and of course to sell the 2014 crop of honey. But also launching new small projects part of our raising awareness campaign: a chapter with honey recipes in a book, a series of videos about bees, honey and beekeeping, collaboration with other social entrepreneurs.

Thank you Liza for sweetening our days!


Sweety Amelia Sofia was awarded as Dulce Plai queen




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