Run Forrest, Run!

Those who love to run and cycle had the chance of taking part in the greenest event of the summer: Green Run, on July 5-6.

If you asked me how I would define this event, it would be easy: “A return to the mother-nature, a perfect opportunity to escape from the speed of the XXI century”. It was an event full of life and health, which gave me the time to find myself through nature. At the same time it awoke feelings and powers that I didn’t even know I possess! Because my daily routine didn’t allow me to dig that deep into my own personality and skills!

But enough with the poetic descriptions! You might be wondering what this “Green Run” 2  means in fact. Patience, my friend! Keep on reading :).

First of all, I have to say that the event is at its second edition. Unfortunately, I didn’t join it the previous year. But this time, I had to try it. Why? Because I am sporty but I hate the gym (“What a paradox” you might think), because I have always had a special feeling towards the sport events, because Green Run has a special format: equilibrium between nature and sport!

As usually, I had realistic expectations: a tent, silence, sport, camp fire, bird singing and rib-bits. And it was a relief to know that those in need of a tent or a sleeping bag just had to mention it in the participation form, before the event and would have got them from the organizing team. Still, one should have taken his own tooth brush 🙂

1           Now about the event itself. 2 days, about 50 participants and a long distance to be covered! The running races have taken place on the first day, on Saturday. One could choose among 500 m, 5000m or 10000m. And yes, I am proud to say that I have chosen the last one – 10000m! 🙂

The next day – cycling races! 5000, 10000m, 30000m, 40000m. This time I tried my luck with the 10000m distance. Although running was much more exhausting, I enjoyed it more! The innovative element when cycling was to go through the forest. And it took me a bit to find the „harmony” between me and the bike. That is why I loved better the running race: because I had control over my body! By the way, the US Ambassador, W. Moser has also taken part in the cycling race!

An unforgettable moment? The finish after the 10000 m race! Everyone giving a hand for you and receiving flowers – well, almost as the Olympic Games J And of course that the winner takes it all: money and a ball for the cross section or bicycles for cycling.

But I won’t lie to you and say that it was perfect! I really missed the shower when I got to the finish line. Still, nature saved the situation again! The Nistru river was close…

Finally, I am grateful to the organizers for such a wonderful event! I hope that it will develop year by year and maybe it becomes international! But until then, I am already looking forward for the next edition!



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