A Medieval Adventure

Lots of interesting events have taken place in Moldova this summer. And summer is not over yet! But one of the events that woke up everyone’s curiosity was the Medieval Festival.

Ion Bargan, the founder of Bestseller is one of those who got persuaded by the great advertising campaigns, so he took part in this huge event. Let’s find out together what his thoughts were afterwards, in the following article!

“I found out from the very beginning (in May) about the event. And I have to admit that the intense advertising of the event influenced me in a very positive way. It gave me the impression that it would be maybe the most important ethno-cultural event of the summer. Firstly I associated it with the medieval fights that I saw years ago in front of the National Opera and Ballet Theatre. However, my expectations have been “beaten”. 1Compared to what I have seen before, it was much more impressive. I saw more than soldiers wearing epochal clothing and weapons. It was a very pleasant atmosphere and so many nice people.

Although the event should have taken place at the end of May, the organizers decided to postpone it till the end of June. People had different reactions but as far as it concerns me, I totally agreed on their decision. Who would have gone to the Festival in the full swing of the rain? For sure not me! 🙂

Close to the big day, my expectations weren’t the highest, as in the past I took part in other events outside the city and the infrastructure destroyed the atmosphere of the event!

June 28. What was my first impression when arriving? Simply WOW! Parking places, a huge green territory, lots of volunteers ready to give a hand to anyone – just some of the things that were already promising a great event!

On the first day, I enjoyed the concert, admired the exotic animals and birds that have been brought to the small zoo. And of course, I watched attentively the medieval battles. Probably one of best part was to also observe the other visitors, who came from different parts of the country. Everyone was smiling and you could feel their desire of spending a good time during the week-end. At a first glance, there wasn’t anything that I could have been malcontent with! Let’s list again: good infrastructure and placing, attention for every detail, beginning with the parking territory and ending with the sanitation conditions. I appreciated the scene and the quality of the sound. The good pricing of the food was also a strong point!

Finally, this kind of events is a reminder for us about the ancient times, about the way our ancestors used to live, to dress up, and even to dance. It is also a great opportunity of spending a great time together with your family and friends, to escape from the daily routine. What can be nicer than a nice evening near the campfire and then getting some rest in a tent? Especially for those who are really adventurous, it’s simply amazing!

I am already looking forward to the next Medieval Festival!”

2Next to Monica Pîrlici – winner of “Moldova’s Got Talent”




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