American Spirit in Chișinău?! Checked!

How do you usually react when receiving an invitation by e-mail for an event organized with a well-defined purpose for a well-defined group of people? Probably first of all you have a look on the calendar to see if you have the time to take part in the event. Then you reread the e-mail to be sure that you’d like to go at the event. And finally, you send the confirmation.

At least, that is what I did at the beginning of June, after reading the e-mail sent by the Association of Creative Development. On the occasion of the Independence Day of the US, July 4, they decided to celebrate the day by getting together to community of US dancePrograms Alumni in Moldova.

But since there is always this word – “but”, things turned to be a bit more complicated. 2 weeks before the event itself, I received a new e-mail with some specific information. And it seemed that one couldn’t simply go to the event. No! There was also a dress-code!

At that moment, I requested the help of my old friend Google. But as usually, he had so many advices, that I simply got scared of the huge number of possibilities and gave up looking for the good outfit. There were 2 more W. Moserweeks! Enough time to find the right clothes, isn’t it?!

2 more days till the event I didn’t have any idea how to dress up! I took a deep breath and began searching again through the tons of pictures that appeared on Google. Finally the choice was made.

July 5. As I entered the place, a lot of people were already passing through the registration process. But where are all the costumes and masks? It took me some minutes to realize that not everyone respected the dress-code. To be honest, I already doubted of using my costume (which was in a bag, not on me!). On one hand, I could have felt a bit strange to be among the few that had special costumes, on the other hand – I knew that there was a dress-code and didn’t bring the clothes just to leave them in the bag. In some minutes, I was a new person: Ava Gardner. At least, it was supposed to look like her.

I soon realized that my first impressions were wrong and there were more people wearing randommasks. It was so nice to try to guess whom are they representing! Beginning with Native Americans and ending with Jacqueline Kennedy – all those Alumni had a great time on July 5. We tried to learn the cowboy’s dance. At this moment I was thinking about the huge differences between the dances of different people. At the same time, I felt proud that while being abroad and showing our traditional hora, people have quickly a liking for it and begin to dance!

Maybe you are wondering if there is any connection between the American and the Moldovan culture. And moreover, why was necessary such an event? As we cannot deny the vivid process of globalization, we can simply take part in it! I realized that regardless the nationality people share the same values and have the same hunger for networking, for spending the time in a pleasant way, for sharing their experiences. This event was a good occasion for recalling the moments spent in the US and the way we presented our country across the ocean.

10254040_826486034030643_5762695998914450412_nAfter a lunch with traditional American meals and a day full of energy, everyone could say that a small bit of the US was brought in Moldova!

You can discover the culture of different countries during this type of events! It seems that Moldova gravitates more and more towards the international connections! Why wouldn’t you be part of these connections?! 🙂

AvaJ. Kennedy


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