A visit in times past…and a bright glimpse into the future

Rebecca Lee is a Canadian tourist who has recently been to Moldova. She discovered Trip Moldova on Trip Advisor and we are glad that her feedback was a positive one!

Trip Moldova: When and why did you decide to come to Moldova? 
Rebecca: I traveled to Moldova in June of 2014 on a business trip.

Trip Moldova: What expectations did you have before starting the trip?
Rebecca: Although I have traveled extensively, I know very little of that part of the world, so I was looking forward to be able to learn a lot.

Trip Moldova: What was the track that you followed and what touristic places have you visited?
Rebecca: I visited Chisinau, saw the Ciuflea church, Orhei, Curchi, and Capriana monasteries as well as the Suruceni and Hincu convents, watched an artisan make baskets out of corn leaves, drove through some of the Codru forest, and saw some of the cellars at the Milestii Mici vineyard where our work group also had a wonderful dinner.

Trip Moldova: What were the most delightful things to you during these days?
Rebecca: The discovery of at least part of the history of the country, the beautiful countryside, the warmth of the people and the interest of the tour guide/operator in sharing their country.

Trip Moldova: For what can Moldova be considered unique?
Rebecca: The large number of churches, monasteries and convents and the visible effort the country is making to rebuild and restore them. The Codru forest is also a beautiful area.

Trip Moldova: What are the places/things that no tourist should miss visiting?
Rebecca: Visitors should try to combine the different geographical and agriculture areas with particular religious sites, to get a good idea of the country. For example, the area around Orhei seems to be dryer, has more corn fields, whereas the area west of the capital has the forest, and the Hincu and Suruceni convents.

Trip Moldova: Exploring Moldova could be defined as…
Rebecca:A visit in times past…and a bright glimpse into the future.

Trip Moldova: Any other thoughts of yours.
Rebecca: I would have liked to visit the castle in the north; unfortunately time did not permit it. Additionally, there are hints of beautiful and interesting arts and crafts: the crochet+embroidered table clothes and shirts, the zinc based designs on the churches and water wells, the wool carpets, the basket making, possibly some ceramic, and no doubt many others that I did not see. Including something of these crafts on your tours, or otherwise motivating this incipient industry, especially creating a process for quality products, would be a good source of revenue making use of the burgeoning tourist industry in the country.

Trip Moldova: What did you like most about our travel agency?

Rebecca: Friendliness and flexibility: when Nelea heard (through the local organizer for my meeting there) that I would be visiting a wine cellar during my business meeting, she was very open to looking for other options that would be interesting, going out of her way to look into artisans that might be visited.


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