”La Cireșe” – Been There, Done That!

What happens when you take a beautiful Sunday, lots of cherries, good mood and you mix them with music and nature? Yes, you’re right: A huge festival, called “La Cireșe”.

This year, for the first time, Jurnal TV decided that the tasty cherries deserve their own festival, so they organized one! After several weeks of intense advertising, the day of the expected event finally came! However, I admit that I didn’t have any kind of expectations, as lots of festivals have been taking place lately in Moldova. My biggest curiosity was how such a big event can be organized in a park in Chișinău.

Well, my only thoughts on that Sunday morning were to get as soon as possible to the festival and enjoy the tasty red and white cherries. And soon my thoughts came crashing about my ears. My friends were calling me to prepare my nerves for the chaos that was happening to the festival: no parking places, lots of people… Was I really ready to take part in this?

       The place was really overcrowded. However, I was lucky and found a parking place really fast. In just 10 minutes I was in the park Imagebut not before passing over a big challenge: the kids! So many children of different ages came to enjoy the event and one had to be very careful not to hurt them somehow, because of the crush. But it was a good lesson for me. I realized that some things in life require patience and it’s necessary to be polite despite the circumstances. Everything starts from your own behavior.

        Finally, after entering, I realized that I missed a small detail: the dress-code. We were supposed to wear clothes that have dots. Too good there was no one to prohibit us entering for not respecting the “requirements”!

My first impressions? Children, lots of children! Every family came with at least one kid. I was wondering if the country really has child birth problems 🙂

But wait! Where are the cherries? Everyone was looking for them! And I wasn’t an exception. Unfortunately, the quantity of cherries was too small. Or maybe the number of visitors was too big!

But otherwise probably I wouldn’t have felt the enthusiasm and the joy that surrounded the place. A mini zoo was the main attraction especially for the kids. Having a lot of space for running and playing was definitely a great advantage of the festival!

As far as it concerns me, I still feel the spirit of my inner child but as an adult I was looking for more serious things, like a zone of eco-producers. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one. And I would have loved to see all the customers gathered together. I found them a bit disseminated all over the place.

And I have to admit that I didn’t taste the cake. Maybe the next year! Because I hope there will be a second edition, maybe with more cherries! 🙂




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