Te iubesc, Doina și Ion

           It’s specific to us, the people, to have expectations before starting something. And watching a movie isn’t an exception. Let’s admit that the moment when you buy the tickets for a movie and enter the cinema, your brain starts doing certain scenarios and is already rating the story without even seeing it.

          I cannot deny that I am doing the same thing (probably unconsciously). And on Saturday I had again those high expectations towards a movie. To be honest, documentaries aren’t on the list of movies that I enjoy watching but this time I gave it a try. And I didn’t regret any second of it.

          Hoping that you will have the patience to get till the end of the post, I won’t make this long story short. The movie had to start at 7 PM. As at 6 I was already with the tickets in my hand, I decided to have a walk in the Central Park that is really close to the Odeon Cinema. After 10 minutes on a bench, a violent wind started blowing and the sky was simply covered by black clouds. Despite the bravery of the citizens, the rain scattered them all from the park. I walked as fast as possible back to the cinema. People kept on entering and they were all wet. Who could deny at that moment that summer rains cannot be predicted?!

          We were allowed to take our seats earlier than we should. The director of the movie, Leontina Vatamanu entered the assembly room and apologized for the belated beginning caused by the rain. Those who suffered the most and were really wet enjoyed a cup of hot tea for recovering.

           Finally we got to the movie itself! The documentary was about Doina and Ion Aldea-Teodorovici – the legendary couple known for their fight for justice, for our nation, independence, and language! They are considered the heroes that fought through their songs. The heroes who died in a terrible car crash but aren’t forgotten!

         And probably these are the main things broadly known about them. But during this one hour and a half we could discover their life as it was, we could see more than the music they created. The movie is a collection of testimonials of those who knew them well, a slew of interviews that they gave for the national television and many other details. We could discover Ion’s childhood – and it wasn’t an easy one. We founImaged the interesting fact that once Ion had certain benefits in the army, due to his music. I found out that Doina grew among great people, such as writers, historians, who “polished” her personality.

         Their life was unique somehow. They were retelling that music is flowing through their veins, as they almost consecrated their lives to it! Always hurrying for the concerts, they had barely the time to rest.

         But despite everything, love was the feeling that dictated the rhythm of the movie. You could feel it in their words, gestures, memories.

        Sometimes all you need to do is to feel! And that was exactly what the spectators did, because in the end they left the cinema with their eyes red and handkerchiefs in their hands.

        For those who want to experience this state of spirit, you still have the chance on June 14-17, at 7 PM, Odeon Cinema.


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