Summer Begins With Lots of Events!

Summer is almost here and it brought with it not only heat, but also lots of interesting events! Trip Moldova has decided to help you choose those who “fit” you the best, by offering small descriptions! This time, discover some activities for this week-end.

And don’t forget that more festivals are yet to come! Follow us and stay always abreast of the upcoming events!

The Medieval Festival

          “And the prince came on his white horse to rescue the princess…” Probably everybody remembers this phrase from his/her childhood. We all wanted to be part of those stories about brave knights and day-dreaming ladies, about love and affairs of honor.

This year, on May 31- June 1, for the first time in Moldova, anyone can become the hero of such a tale, by taking part at the Medieval Festival. Apart from its historical atmosphere and thematic activities, the event will also have lots of other places of entertainment. One can take part in a competition of medieval swords or archery. Meanwhile, children can enjoy puppetry shows and attend different games.

As to ensure that the journey back in time is complete, visitors will also enjoy the special selected music. The Romanian singer and actor Florin Piersic, young Monica Pîrlici, Nomen Est Omen band, but also Ad-Hoc band are those who will bring the medieval spirit closer to you!

But since words can’t cover all the feelings of the enthusiasts that are eager to see the Medieval Festival, probably the best option is to take part in it.

Trip Moldova wishes great fun to those who will attend Vatra’s event! And we are doing our best to share our impressions with you, afterwards!


Cow Parade

          The concept of “cow parade” has its origins in Zürich, Switzerland, in 1998 by artistic director Walter Knapp. For a lot of European cities, it’s already a tradition to organize this event.Image

As 2014 seems to be the year of great changes and innovations for the Republic of Moldova, on June 1, the first cow parade will be organized in the city center! The idea belongs to a local dairy producer. The visitors can watch how the artists are the painting the 10 fiberglass sculptured cows, right near the Triumphal Arch in Chisinau. Once the exhibits are ready, they will be laid out in different sectors of the city.

                For imprinting traditional motifs to the event, the organizers decided to create a competition for selecting 10 projects that renders as real as possible the image of the classical Moldovan village. The winners will receive all the necessary tools for painting their cow, on June 1!

                We suppose children will really enjoy the festival, since it’s organized on their day!

Drying Photos

            Hanging clothes clips, photos and cheerfulness! That’s what you need for June 1 if you decide to take part in the “Foto la Uscat” event (“Drying Photos”). On Sunday, those who come in the Central Park, on the Alley of Classics, can contribute to this year’s first open-air photo exhibition.

This is the 3rd year when the event is organized and it seems that citizens really enjoyed sharing their pictures with the others. This year, you can also feel a bit of a professional photograph by showing to the others your artistry in taking photos.

Sunday will be the day of memories, colors and sun! Let’s make this day an unforgettable one!




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