Discovering the South of Moldova

           Probably the majority of us prefers to stay home during rainy days. But what happens when you decide to face the bad weather and go in a trip?

           Cecilia is the tourist who on May 10-12 was brave enough to take the road to the south of Moldova together with Trip Moldova and Explore Moldova! She agreed on sharing her experience and emotions with us, although Cecilia admits that at the beginning her expectations were not high: “the weather in Chișinău was bad and being unfamiliar with the area, I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect each day.

Let’s see what happens when you expect little… Image

Trip Moldova: What was the track that you followed and what touristic places have you visited?

 Cecilia: On this latest adventure, I hiked along Trajan’s Wall near the village of Vulcănești. We also went boating and birdwatching in the Lower Prut Reservation. I stayed at the rural pension of Tudor and Lidia (Boonika) in Văleni.

Trip Moldova: What were the most delightful things for you during these days?

Cecilia: Everything! I enjoyed the scenery solitude of the hike along Trajan’s Wall. The next day I felt at peace sitting on the bow of the boat as it navigated across the lake and into the Prut River. I enjoyed the sounds of the birds, frogs and insects and the lush, green scenery along the river’s edge. Although I don’t speak either Romanian or Russian, I enjoyed my visit with my rural pension hosts. They were both extremely hospitable and lovely to be around.

ImageTrip Moldova: For what can be the South considered unique?

Cecilia: I think the Prut River Reservation is quite unique in Moldova and maybe in the world.

Trip Moldova: What are the places/things that no tourist should miss visiting?

Cecilia: If possible, no tourist should miss visiting the Lower Prut Reservation. Also, a visit to see Tudor and Lidia sing and play music should not be overlooked.

Trip Moldova: Exploring Moldova could be defined as…

Cecilia: …a surprise around every corner. It can be challenging to find information on tours, events, and places to see in Moldova, but exploring Moldova with a guide who knows the area makes the visit worthwhile.

Trip Moldova: Any other thoughts…

Cecilia: I had a wonderful time and it will be one of those special memories I will carry with me always.




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2 Responses to Discovering the South of Moldova

  1. A. Mittal says:

    Before reading this I didn’t about Moldova.This is great blog you have ..great going…may be you would like to read through some of my travel stories

    • We are glad that you like it! And hopefully one day we can guide you to discover Moldova by your own!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and blog with us! 🙂

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