Discover Moldova with Michelle and Tim Olley

     After entering a competition on Facebook on Moldova Holiday, Michelle and Tim Olley were the lucky ones to win. The prize for the competition consisted of a weekend visit to Chisinau. It also included their accommodation in the Jazz Hotel, a visit to Curchi Monastry, Chateau Vartely, Cricova, as well Imageas to meet and dine with the people of Butuceni. And of course – to see the cave monasteries of Orheiul Vechi!

     Trip Moldova decided to discover what feelings and thoughts did they get after this 3-day visit. Enjoy the interview.

TM: What did you know previously about our country? What expectations did you have before arriving?

M.O.: My husband Tim knew about the countries football league, I knew about it location and proximity to Romania. I have a friend from Romania. In terms of expectations we were extremely excited, we had seen the photos on the Moldova holiday page and my husband spent a long time researching some of the history and became even more excited!

TM: Were there any things otherwise than expected?

M.O.: We both found the country even more beautiful than the pictures online. What surprised us more was the patience and genuine warmth we received from each and every person we met. Moldovans are so kind, gracious and generous. Sharing their time and enthusiasm.

TM: What are the most remarkable things that you discovered about Moldova while being here?

ImageM.O.: For us we both were humbled with the history that surrounded us at every turn. So much preserved so well yet so freely accessible.

TM: What touristic places have you been amazed by?

M.O.: Walking amongst daily life need not be a glitzy tourist affair! We enjoyed spending time in the monasteries when services took place. That said Cricova was amazing! Very well arranged for a visit and the guide spoke excellent English and answered all the obscure questions asked! We loved sitting in the parks, Chisinau is so clean and it is really relaxing to sit and watch the world go by! We are not typical tourists! The market is fascinating.

TM: What should any tourist know about Moldova?

M.O.: The food! It is absolutely amazing! It is also worth arranging a guided tour so you can listen to the Dacian history and see that hidden gem!

TM: Your best memories regarding our country. Image

M.O.: For me it was the fort at Orhei and walking through the grass filled with wild herbs growing in such abundance. Each step was a heady wonder. Walking in the footsteps of history, who can want for more!

TM: Perspectives. Are you planning to come back?

M.O.: Yes! We are even looking to see if we can find a small holiday home we loved it that much!

TM: Why would you suggest people to visit Moldova?

M.O.: It is beautiful, unspoilt and awe-inspiring!





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