Take a bite of April 1st

           April 1st, known as Fools’ Day, it’s the day when people don’t get angry for being the victims of small jokes. This tradition has begun in the XVI century, but our country started celebrating it only 300 years later, in the XIX century.Image
Apart from the farces that people use to make to their acquaintances and friends, in Moldova there are several superstitions related to this day. The tradition says that the drollery has to be made until midday. Otherwise, it can bring bad luck to the one who did the joke.
What’s more interesting is that according to some sayings, it’s not recommended to say a farce before this day, if you don’t want to have ill luck for the rest of the year.
Furthermore, it is not recommended to have your wedding on this day. It is believed that the man, who gets married on April 1st, will be “under his wife’s heel” for the rest of the life. At the same time, girls who chose their future husbands on this day will be surrounded by luck and happiness.
Along with these superstitions, in the Romanian space there is a character that fully characterizes this day! His name is Păcală, which comes from the verb ”a păcăli” = to fool. It’s easy to relate a lot of tricks and funny stories to his name. Not only children love this hero, but also adults, because it always brings a smile on our faces.

              And now your turn! What traditions and superstitions do you know?



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