Christmas Superstitions


In Moldova the folks are saying that:

  • If you eat an apple on Christmas Day , you will be healthy throughout the coming year;
  •  If on Christmas Day, by the chance, you overthrow matchbox or spill wine on your table or your ear rings , you’ll have good luck all year;
  • And you will have good luck the whole year, if you give alms or touch the hump of a hunchback;


  •  If you celebrate Christmas without having mistletoe, you’ll have bad luck all the next year;
  • And also bad luck brings singing Christmas carols at any other time of year;
  • Baby born on Christmas Day will be lucky his whole life;
  • And those who die on Christmas Day go to heaven;
  • Women, while taking a bath, put in the water a nut – to be healthy, and coins – to be rich;
  • Men touch all the household tools to bring safety and skillfulness in the new year ;
  • For cattle to be healthy and strong, put a horseshoe in the water bucket;
  • On Christmas Eve, it’s good to gather all you gave the loan, so the holidays find you having all in the household;
  • Chimneys should be cleaned and the soot is laid on vine roots for a rich harvest;
  • After the bath, young girls put a comb and garlic under the pillow and she will dream of her future husband;
  • On Christmas Day, the bread is placed under the table for good luck;
  • And to prevent the evil eye charms place garlic and poppy seeds in the four corners of the table;
  • It is said that on Christmas Day oxen talk among themselves, but those who listen to them will be mentally disturbed;
  • If you take a bath on Christmas Day will be clean all year;
  • Candles lighted on Christmas Eve should be allowed to burn until the end;


  • If it snows on Christmas Day, there will be beautiful weather on Easter;
  • And a blue sky on Christmas announces a fruitful year.

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