Rediscover Moldova. Wine Road – Day 3

During the third day of this campaign, 12 bloggers visited 3 wineries: Sălcuța, EtCetera and Purcari. All three are located in the South-Eastern part of the country, where the best wine is made.

Sălcuța, founded in 1995, has a 300 ha vineyard. The name of this winery derives from the village’s name “Sălcuța” (diminutive for “Willow”). Nevertheless, there are only around 60 people working here, the amount of produced wine is 4-5 mln of liters. Most of the produced wine is exported to Poland, Czech Republic, Baltic countries and some CSI countries.


The management of the winery planned a re-branding campaign, thus Salcuta wines now have a new look and a new taste, since they have started to produce an excellent white coupage wine (the name of the new wine is kept in secret, but I can assure you that whenever it will appear on shelves it will rock :)).

Afterwards 12 adventurers had the chance to witness the first dig for the future Purcari Tavern. (NB: the south-eastern part of Moldova is known as Purcari region among winemakers, that is why the Tavern is called Purcari).


Et Cetera winery was founded in 2002 by two brothers, Alexandru and Igor Luchianov. Since this is a family business, it is still growing with small but trusted steps. The vineyard has 43 ha and the amount of produced wine for the last year is 30000 bottles. The wines are of premium quality and are mostly exported in China.


Purcari was founded in 1827 thus, can be considered the oldest Chateau in Moldova. The vineyard has 260 ha and around 1 mln bottles of wine are produced per year. The export of Purcari wine is done in Ukraine, Romania, Canada, China, Poland.


In the cellar is kept a part from the wines exported to UK in 1984, at the Queen’s Elizabeth request. That’s the reason why Negru de Purcari is called “Queen’s Wine”.


Partners: Bemol, Unibank, CEED, Moldova Wine Day, Chateau Vartely and Purcari.

Media partners: VIP Magazin; Altitude.


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