Superstitions in Moldova

Do you have a lucky charm? Do you believe that to spill salt brings bad luck? If you do, this article is for you. Here’s a round up of superstitions in Moldova.


Bad Luck

– Meeting a black cat brings bad luck. The only way to neutralize the meeting with the black cat, is to spit over your left shoulder.

– Walking under the ladder is considered to bring bad luck.

– The first time that you look upon a baby, money must be put into their blanket or bad luck will follow the child forever.

– Don’t sit at the corner of a table if you are not married yet; if you do, there are chance you will never marry.

– If someone with any empty container—bucket or a cart—walks in front of you, it is considered a bad omen.

– Try not to take out the trash at night. It is believed that this can bring ruin on the house.

– Returning home for forgotten things is a bad omen. It is better to leave it behind, but if returning is necessary, one should look in the mirror before leaving the house again.

Good Luck

– An accidentally broken dish supposedly brings good luck.

– If a man is the first person to enter your home in the first day of the year, this will bring you good luck.

– Sit before a journey. This is a omen for a safe journey.


– Don’t give money on Mondays – you will give money all week long.

– If your left palm itches, you will receive money; if your right palm itches, you will give money.

– Whistling, especially indoors and most especially, in the house, will cause you to not have money.

– You must not put empty bottles, keys or change on the table. These are all bad omens of financial loss.

– You must not hand money across the threshold.

– Do not count money after dark, and never lend it in the evening time, as it is a sign that you will lose your wealth.


– Never hand someone a knife. Set it down and let them pick it up, or else you will get into a fight with that person.

– If one person accidentally steps on another person’s foot, it is common for the person who was stepped on to lightly step on the foot of the person who stepped first. It is said that they thus avoid a future conflict.

– Two or more people should never use one towel at the same time to dry their hands or bodies, or it is said to bring conflict.


– You will not retain the information you are reading if you are eating at the same time.

– You must wear something red in order not to be touched by an evil eye.

– On Easter you should wash you face with a traditional red-dyed hard-boiled egg. It will bring good health for the rest of the year.

– Don’t step over people, or parts of their body, who are on the ground. It is often said that it will prevent the person from growing (if they are not fully grown already).


– If you accidentally hit with your head your friends head you have to hit it the second time or someone will die in the family.

– It is said that if you drop a fork during the meal, somebody is expected to come.

– Do not change the sheets left from an overnight guest until they arrive to their destination safely.


– If your palms usually are cold, it means that you’ll have a beautiful spouse.

– If it rains on someone’s wedding, it means they’ll be wealthy.


– If your ears or cheeks are hot, someone is thinking or talking about you (usually speaking ill).

– If your nose itches, you’ll be drinking soon. For children they might say, “You’ll get hit in the nose”.

– If you have the hiccups, someone is remembering you at this moment.

– If someone is not recognized when seen or heard, he or she will be rich.

– If a cat is washing its face, expect guests soon.

– If you find a bay leaf in your soup while eating, it means you’ll get mail from someone.

– If someone sneezes while speaking, they are telling the truth.


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