Basic Romanian Phrases


When you travel through Moldova, especially in rural areas you may encounter a language barrier. It is wise to be prepared for anything that may occur.  You may need to ask for general assistance, request price information, directions, and locations for food and transportation.  You may also need to be able to communicate to people your needs and wishes.

Below is a list of helpful phrases that are valuable to know when traveling:

Hello. “Salut.” (sah-LOOT)

How are you? “Ce mai faci?” (cheh my FAHTCH)

Fine, thank you. “Mulţumesc, bine.” (mool-tzu-MESK BEE-neh).

What is your name? (formal)”Cum vă numiţi?” (coom vuh noo-MEETZ)

What’s your name? (informal)”Cum te cheamă?” (coom teh KYAHM-uh)

What are you up to? (informal)”Ce faci?” (cheh FAHTCH)

My name is ______.“Numele meu e ______.” (NOO-meh-leh MEH-oo yeh ______.)

Nice to meet you. “Încântat” (oohn-koohn-taht) or “Îmi pare bine” (OOHM pah-reh BEE-neh)

Please “Vă rog” (vuh ROHG; usually follows the request.)

Thank you “Mulţumesc” (mool-tzoo-MESK). “Merci” is also popularly used.

You’re welcome “Cu plăcere” (koo pluh-CHAIR-eh)

Yes “Da” (DAH)

No “Nu” (NOO)

Excuse me. “Pardon” (pahr-DOHN) or “Vă rog” (vuh ROHG)

I’m sorry “Îmi pare rău” (oohm pah-reh RUH-OH)

Good-bye “La revedere” (lah reh-veh-DEH-reh)

Bye “Pa” (PAH);

See you soon “Pe curând” (“peh cur-OOHND”)

I can’t speak Romanian [well]. “Nu vorbesc [bine] româneşte.” (NOO vor-BESC [BEE-nay] Roh-moohn-ESH-teh)

Do you speak English? “Vorbiţi engleză?” (vor-BEETZ eng-LEH-zuh)

Is there someone here who speaks English? “Vorbeşte cineva aici engleză?” (vor-BESH-teh CHEEH-neh-vah AY-eetch eng-LEH-zuh)

Help! “Ajutor!” (ah-zhoo-TOR)

Look out! “Atenţie” (ah-TEN-tzee-eh)

Good morning “Bună dimineaţa” (BOO-nuh dee-mee-NYAH-tzuh)

Good day “Bună ziua” (BOO-nuh zee-wah)

Good evening “Bună seara” (BOO-nuh syah-ruh)

Good night (to sleep) “Noapte bună” (NWAHP-teh BOO-nuh)

I’m Hungry. “Mi-e foame” (Me-ae fo-ah-may)

I’m Thirsty. “Mi-e sete” (Me-ae set-te)

I’m Tired. “Mi-e somn” (Me-ae sohm)

I’m sick. “Sunt bolnav.” (SOONT bohl-NAHV)

I’m Scared. “Mi-e frică” (Me-ae free-cah)

I’m Lost. “M-am rătăcit” (Mahm ruh-tuh-cheet)

Can you show me on the map? “Puteţi să-mi arătaţi pe hartă?” (poo-TEHTZ suhm ah-RUH-tahtz peh HAHR-tuh?)

I don’t understand. “Nu înţeleg” (NOO oohn-tzeh-LEG)

Police! “Poliţia!” (po-LEE-tzee-ah!)

I lost my bag. “Mi-am pierdut valiza” (mee-AHM pee-ehr-DOOT vah-LEE-zah)

I lost my wallet. “Mi-am pierdut portmoneul/portofelul.” (mee-AHM pee-ehr-DOOT POHRT-mohn-eh-ool/POHRT-o-FEH-Loo)

I want to talk to the  embassy. “Vreau să vorbesc cu ambasada.” (VROW suh vohr-BESK/vor-BEE koo AHM-bah-SAH-dah

Where’s the bathroom? “Unde e toaleta?” (OON-deh yeh twah-LEH-tah)

The check, please. “Nota de plată, vă rog” (NO-tah deh PLAT-tuh, vuh ROHG)

I Love you “Te iubesc” (teh yoo-besk)

P.S. Here you’ll find the online quick Romanian lessons 😉


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