When Traveling (Part I)



Since Moldova is close to the Black Sea, the climate is mild and sunny. We have relatively hot summers and cold winters. A special characteristic for Moldova is that you can clearly see the 4 seasons with their beauty. Before you pack, consider the season when you are traveling.

Where to stay

In Moldova there are 4 options where to stay, depending on the budget: hostels, apartments, villas and hotels. For those with a limited budget, hostel will be a good option, since the price for one night is about €7-€10. If you plan to stay for a longer period and with all your family, you can choose to stay in a furnished apartment. For a large group of people, the best option can be a villa. As well, there a plenty of hotels, ranging from 2 to 5 stars.



The easiest way to travel around is by taxi, as it is considerable cheap and takes you from door to door. Within the city limits, it will cost you about 25-50 lei (€2-€4). A trip to the airport will range between 60-100 lei (€4-€7). When you call for taxi service, you only need to say where you are and where you wish to go. Usually, they will ask you to call back in 2 minutes to let you know which car is coming for you. A taxi usually arrives within 5-8 minutes.


– If you have luggage, or leaving the supermarket with grocery bags, we advise you to ask about any additional charges. This is not common practice to be charged for such things, but you may run into a driver trying to make a quick buck.

– Better call for a taxi then take it from the street as they are allowed to charge as much as they want, taxi companies are not responsible for the prices charged by the drive if you ‘catch’ him.

– Here you can find some taxi numbers (be aware of the language barrier). Usually the taxi number stars with 14***.


However, if you would like to travel with the public transportation, we advise you to ask at the reception or the waiter or any person from your leaving point which trolleybus (cost 2 MDL), bus or minibus (cost 3 MDL) you should take. Unfortunately, we do not have a website which would make it easier for you.

Credit Cards/Money Matters

Credit cards are accepted mostly at all hotels, restaurants and larger shops, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. However, it is still not of such spread use as in developed countries, so to avoid unpleasant moments we advise you to always have cash. ATM machines are available throughout the country, including at the Chisinau Airport, main banks, and shopping centers. There are also a lot of exchange booths in the city, but better make use of the ones from the bank as they are more secured.


About triptomoldova

Travel agency based on incoming tourism or business travelers. Our aim is to facilitate your visit to Moldova and to make your trip unforgettable. We promise to offer high standard packages for any needs and take care of everything. Moreover, since the satisfaction of our guests is our main priority, we will try to fully perform any special request. Have you any questions, ideas or opinions; please do not let them be just questions, ideas or opinions. Offered Services: -Business Packages -Vacation Packages -Personalised Packages -Accomodation -Personal guide -Meetings with locals -Special Welcome TriptoMoldova: Off The Beaten Path
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  1. Bethany says:

    This site has maps of bus, trolley, & maxi-taxi routes in Chisinau, Poftim!

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