14 Reasons Why To Love Moldova


1. Girls – Moldova possesses the highest concentration of beautiful woman you will ever see. Moldova is wall to wall with the most naturally beautiful women you will ever meet.

2. Wine – Moldova always keeps the best ideas and traditions of winemaking.  Moldova has so many noble grape varieties today. All these wines are made in full compliance with the ancient Moldavan traditions, are aged in wooden barrels in a silent and peaceful atmosphere. In every drop of this wine there is the solar flare and the force of the juices of earth.

3. Traditional cuisine – Moldova food is delicious and is ideal to go with fine Moldovan wine. If you are taking a trip to Moldova you should definitely taste the local specialties that include small grilled sausages with onion and pepper (mititey) or tocana (pork stew) and mamaliga served with brinza (sheep cheese).  As well you should try sarmale (cabbage rolls), racituri (meat jelly) and muraturi (pickled veggies).

4. Picturesque landscapes – If to talk about Moldovan landscape… imagine: hills, hills, hills and nothing else around. Well, you may think that hills along the whole country that’s boring… However all those hills are different! Some of them are covered with forests. They are especially beautiful in autumn when leaves are green, golden and red.  Walking through the parks of Moldova, everyone can find a pleasure in amazing sceneries and fresh air. At the same time you understand that these are not just planted flowers, trees and bushes, but also the real work of art created by the Mother Nature.

5. The Green Heart of Moldova – Chisinau is a green city with a lot of refreshing parks, trees growing almost along all the streets and some inner city lakes to be enjoyed.

6. Hospitable and friendly people – the wonderful, genuine and sincere nature of the Moldovan people. Anywhere on earth you will find good people and bad people. That is a given. Moldova, however, seems to have a lot of good people, that are reliable, trustworthy and friendly.

7. Rich culture – The culture of Moldova represents a large range of cultural activities: literature, theatre, music, fine arts, architecture, cinematography, broadcasting and television, photographic art, design, circus, folk art, archives and libraries, books editing, scientific research, cultural tourism and so on. That’s the main reason why you’ll never get bored here.

8. Real Eastern Europe village – In Moldova the unspoiled village life and nature can be found just outside the city. A Moldovan maxim says: “The person who has failed to build a home, to raise a son, to dig a well and to plant a tree has wasted his life”. That’s why the Moldovan villages are so green, the houses are so beautiful and you can see wells along the streets.

9. Preserved traditions – The cultural heritage of Moldova is abundant with traditions and customs. The traditions in Moldova are primarily related to national music, dances, songs, and food, wine, as well as ornamentation arts and crafts. Many of the modern traditions are a product of crossing between dacian culture and the culture of other civilizations like the Greeks, the Slavs, and most of all the Romans.

10. In God we trust – In Moldova people are very faithful and truly respect all the religious traditions and holidays. The faith in God is the treasure that is passed from one generation to another.

11. Open people – The people here have the most important quality – Hospitality. In Moldova every guest is received with the special warmth.

12. Sezatorile – is a type of house gathering, where neighbors in a village use to get together to have fun while singing, dancing, telling jokes and doing different traditional activities (i.e. pottery, embroidery, wood-working, etc.).

13. Hora – is an essential part of the social entertainment, especially in rural areas. This dance is a symbol of unity – unity of a village and unity of the country. The way dancers join arms to dance together represents this, as does the fact that anyone can join the hora.

14. Simple and original – This country once visited you’ll never be able to forget, because it charms you with its simple but unique lands, culture and people.



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One Response to 14 Reasons Why To Love Moldova

  1. The very first reason mentioned in this post is about the beautiful girls living in this country. The purpose was just to underline the fact that women are beautiful and in no case to promote sex tourism or something like this. Those two sentences have no hidden meaning, take them as they are.

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