13 Places To Visit In 2013

1. Purcari Winery

purcari_imgThe inhabitants of these lands have known the taste of good wine since history can remember. The Purcari production facility was fully revived and upgraded, and the old cellars, built as far back as 1827, were renovated. Today the cellars are among the oldest and most famous in Moldova. The Purcari estate is one of Moldova’s showcase attractions. Today, Purcari wines hold more than 80 top awards from specialized international contests and wine tastings for the quality and taste of wine produced.

2. Tighina Fortress

The first documentary mention of “Tighina Fortress”tighina_fortress_by_vinceitusa-d588n8o was in 1408. Initially it was built as a small wooden fort, but during the reign of Petru Rares the fortress was rebuilt in stone. Its walls have survived to the present and offer an example of classic Moldavian defensive construction. In 1538 Tighina was conquered by the Turkish Empire and re-named Bender. The Russians conquered it in 1812. Today the fortress serves as base for Transnistrian Army.

3. Monastery Capriana

183830_373077822771677_692715718_nCapriana monastery is one of the oldest and beautiful monuments in the Republic of Moldova, the cradle of the Moldovan literature, music and architecture. In 1429 the hermitage was royal monastery, enjoying the attention of the rulers Alexandru cel Bun, Ştefan cel Mare and Alexandru Lăpuşneanu. The hermitage had the greatest monastery library from Moldova. Being closed and defiled in soviet period, the monastery was the first that was opened in 1989 and soon become one of the symbols of National Revival. Here is buried the Metropolitan Gavriil Bănulescu Bodoni – the first metropolitan of Bessarabia, opener of ways to religious book and the founder of the first theological seminar.

4. Emil Racovita Cave

It is the 8th greatest cave on the planet, and3.pestera_emil_racovita it still keeps a lot of mysteries waiting to be discovered. There is a long underground gallery inside the cave which is counted as one of the longest cave galleries in the world. As well, it comes third in the list of world’s largest gypsum caves. There were discovered a few caverns that were given different names such as the “Cinderella’s Hall”, the “Dacia’s Hall”, the “100 m. Hall” and so on. There are also twenty underground lakes found inside the Emil Racovita Cave and these lakes are provided with interesting names like the “Blue Lake” or the “Dinosaurs Lake”.

5. Guest-house “Butuceni”

f31The guest-house “Butuceni” is situated in a picturesque place which enjoys your eyes with a beautiful landscape. It’s a hilled rocky locality of virgin green and the river Reut that guards your peace in quietness. Here you can feel so subtle the traditional combined with modern that you lose the sense of time. Only at the guest-house “Butuceni” you have the marvelous occasion to look back at the life of our ancestors through the things exhibited in the exposition and especially you can see the restored peasant housekeeping.

6. The Church of Assumption of Mother of God, Causeni

The precise date of the construction of the118_image5 only church in Moldova with wall frescos is not known, but there are several options. It might have appeared: in 1455, when Causeni was founded, in 1634-1653 during the reign of Vasile Lupu or even later. Its actual shape dates from the reconstruction made in 1763-1767. Its inside is rich in wall painted frescos, featuring religious characters, and the portraits of the church founders: Nicolae and Constantin Mavrocordat. An interesting fact is that the church is half buried in the ground. The explanation is found in a legend from the Tartar period. It says, that the Tartars allowed the building of Christian churches, which did not exceed the height of a solder on horseback.

7. Ostrich farm in Bardar

IMG_2206_eOstrich farm in Bardar is one of the largest in the country. Here, the ostriches are grown for 15 years. Currently there are about 100 of these exotic birds. Ostrich farm in Bardar presents a particular interest for locals and also for tourists. Here one can admire the wild horses, ponies, peacocks, pheasants, black swans, ducks and hawks. Additionally, the visitors can order grilled quails.

8. Jewish Cemetery

It is famous like the place of the burial of Radautithe victims of Kishinev Pogrom in 1903; in the years 1960, the lower part of the cemetery deliberately was devastated by the authorities.  Located in the north-west district of Chisinau, used to be once one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe. Interesting fact is that at one point approximately 50% of Chisinau population was Jewish.  In this cemetery can be found 23430 gravestones, among them some are datable from the XIXth century.

9. Ivancea village

muzeul_IvanceaIvancea is a big village located in Orhei district. Here is located the Museum of Popular Art. The museum is located inside of the house of the Armenian noble Karp Balioz (19th century heritage). It started its activity in Soviet times from 1984 and presents a permanent exhibition of national Moldavian art. The Museum is not the only interesting place to see in Ivancea. There is a lake, eye-catching church and a cemetery. Ivancea is a good example of traditional villages in Moldova as there are really nice houses in light – blue colour and lots of wells.

10. The Gagauz National Museum

The Gagauz National Museum of History andbe7685026070406a215779b242f1aa2e_L Ethnography was founded in Besalma village in September 1966. The museum portrays the history, culture, and daily life of the Gagauz from ancient to modern times. It has more than 6,000 artifacts, including works of renowned writers, poets, and artists from Gagauzia. Some of the most valuable items in the museum are a collection of original films produced during the Gagauzian colonization of the Bugeac steppe.

11. Casa Parinteasca

casa-parinteasca“Casa Parinteasca” is located in Palanca village. The museum was inaugurated on November 26, 2000, as particular handicraft museum. Heritage is a museum house with 4 rooms, equipment and recreational yard. “Casa Parinteasca” has a courtyard in the center of the green spaces, natural aesthetic surroundings (forests, meadows, lakes) and religious monuments. Here everyone will feel like at home.

12. Brincusi Gallery

The gallery has three rooms with exhibitions.60 This exhibition halls are marked by the presence of numerous areas of art, such as painting, engraving, drawing, sculpture, they manage to attract the admiration of other artists and to influence generations of younger painters and sculptors. Those who have talent and passion for art display their work here on the site. The visitors remain very impressed by the beauty of the paintings, admiring them with great pleasure.

13. Tipova

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATipova cave monastery is located onto the rocky shore of the Nistru river. This Orthodox cave monastery is the largest not only in Moldova, but also in all Eastern Europe. It is believed that Tipova monastery was established in the VI-th century BC. During the Soviet period the monastery was closed and later on even destroyed. In 1975, the monastery gained the title of national heritage being protected by the state and in 1994 the monastic life restarted here. Tipova monastery is a wonderful complex of historical monuments and natural landscapes that impresses by its pure beauty.


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